Leben/Meinung / Sound Of The Day (2023/04/07 – 2024/04/06)

[06.04.2024]   Pascow   "MS Pascow"

[05.04.2024]   Killing Joke   "The Great Cull"

[04.04.2024]   Black Belt Eagle Scout   "Soft Stud"

[03.04.2024]   Press Club   "Suburbia"

[02.04.2024]   GRLwood   "Time"

[01.04.2024]   Destroy Boys   "Muzzle"

[31.03.2024]   No Doubt   "Just A Girl"

[30.03.2024]   Cable Ties   "Change"

[29.03.2024]   SPRINTS   "Little Fix"

[28.03.2024]   The Amps   "Full On Idle"

[27.03.2024]   Kate Nash   "Sister"

[26.03.2024]   Press Club   "Twenty-Three"

[25.03.2024]   Press Club   "New Year's Eve"

[24.03.2024]   Shit Present   "Unravelling"

[23.03.2023]   Mitski   "Brand New City"

[22.03.2023]   Jinjer   "Copycat"

[21.03.2023]   Big Thief   "Not"

[20.03.2024]   My Chemical Romance   "Teenagers"

[19.03.2024]   Fall Out Boy   "Dance, Dance"

[18.03.2024]   Problem Patterns   "Letter Of Resignation"

[17.03.2024]   Press Club   "Twenty-Three"

[16.03.2024]   Cable Ties   "Thoughts Back"

[15.03.2024]   Press Club   "New Year's Eve"

[14.03.2024]   Press Club   "Insecurities"

[13.03.2024]   Press Club   "I'm In Hell"

[12.03.2024]   Swearin'   "Grow Into A Ghost"

[11.03.2024]   Die Spitz   "Grip"

[10.03.2024]   Die Spitz   "Chug"

[09.03.2024]   Mannequin Pussy   "Denial"

[08.03.2024]   My Ugly Clementine   "Playground"

[07.03.2024]   Bad Waitress   "What Do I Want"

[06.03.2024]   Jack Off Jill   "Love Song"

[05.03.2024]   Fallcie   "Rock'n'Rolla"

[04.03.2024]   Scowl   "Shot Down"

[03.03.2024]   TV On The Radio   "Happy Idiot"

[02.03.2024]   DIIV   "Under The Sun"

[01.03.2024]   Fresh   "Willa"

[29.02.2024]   Swearin'   "Grow Into A Ghost"

[28.02.2024]   Die Spitz   "Hair Of Dog"

[27.02.2024]   GEL   "Dicey"

[26.02.2024]   Scowl  "Seeds To Sow"

[25.02.2024]   The Interrupters  "Take Back The Power"

[24.02.2024]   Jinjer  "Pisces"

[23.02.2024]   Raven Black  "The Nobodies"

[22.02.2024]   Die So Fluid  "Brainwash"

[21.02.2024]   Nirvana  "Breed"

[20.02.2024]   Nirvana  "Territorial Pissings"

[19.02.2024]   My Chemical Romance   "Welcome To The Black Parade"

[18.02.2024]   Mazzy Star   "Blue Flower"

[17.02.2024]   The Black Keys   "I Got Mine"

[16.02.2024]   girl in red   "4am"

[15.02.2024]   My Chemical Romance   "Helena"

[14.02.2024]   A Giant Dog   "Sleep When Dead"

[13.02.2024]   Pretty Girls Make Graves   "Something Bigger, Something Brighter"

[12.02.2024]   Starcrawler   "I Love LA"

[11.02.2024]   Cherry Glazerr   "Distressor"

[10.02.2024]   Mickey & Sylvia   "Love Is Strange"

[09.02.2024]   DILLY DALLY   "Know Yourself"

[08.02.2024]   4 Non Blondes   "What's Up?"

[07.02.2024]   King Harvest   "Dancing In The Moonlight"

[06.02.2024]   Drama Dolls   "Stop Fucking With Me"

[05.02.2024]   A Giant Dog   "Black Mirror"

[04.02.2024]   Screaming Females   "Ripe"

[03.02.2024]   Big Joanie   "Fall Asleep"

[02.02.2024]   Feine Sahne Fischfilet   "Es bleibt beim Alten"

[01.02.2024]   ZSK   "Antfascista"

[31.01.2024]   Dream Wife   "Let's Make Out"

[30.01.2024]   Queen   "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

[29.01.2024]   Queen   "Don't Stop Me Now"

[28.01.2024]   Chubby Checker   "The Twist"

[27.01.2024]   Curtis Mayfield   "Move On Up"

[26.01.2024]   Nancy Sinatra   "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)"

[25.01.2024]   Chuck Berry   "Johnny B. Goode"

[24.01.2024]   Deee-Lite   "Groove Is The Heart"

[23.01.2024]   Queen   "Under Pressure"

[22.01.2024]   Blondie   "One Way Or Another"

[21.01.2024]   Siouxsie And The Banshees   "Cities In Dust"

[20.01.2024]   The Cure   "Why Can't I Be You?"

[19.01.2024]   Joy Division   "Transmission"

[18.01.2024]   Killing Joke   "Eighties"

[17.01.2024]   Tears For Fears   "Mad World"

[16.01.2024]   New Order   "Temptation"

[15.01.2024]   Depeche Mode   "Never Let Me Down Again"

[14.01.2024]   New Order   "Confusion"

[13.01.2024]   New Order   "Blue Monday"

[12.01.2024]   The Buggles   "Video Killed The Radio Star"

[11.01.2024]   illuminati hotties   "Than Ever"

[10.01.2024]   Spin Doctors   "Two Princes"

[09.01.2024]   Diet Cig   "Flash Flood"

[08.01.2024]   illuminati hotties   "freequent letdown"

[07.01.2024]   illuminati hotties   "b yr own b"

[06.01.2024]   Bully  "Trying"

[05.01.2024]   Summer Cannibals  "Full Of It"

[04.01.2024]   DILLY DALLY  "Desire"

[03.01.2024]   Daddy Issues  "Dandelion"

[02.01.2024]   Chuck Berry   "Johnny B. Goode"

[01.01.2024]   Sofia Mills   "Coffee Breath"

[31.12.2023]   Tacocat  "I Hate The Weekend"

[30.12.2023]   The Pointer Sisters  "I'm So Excited"

[29.12.2023]   Daddy Issues  "Lemon"

[28.12.2023]   DILLY DALLY  "Green"

[27.12.2023]   DILLY DALLY  "Candy Mountain"

[26.12.2023]   Summer Cannibals  "False Anthem"

[25.12.2023]   Bully  "Whre To Start"

[24.12.2023]   Nirvana  "In Bloom"

[23.12.2023]   Charly Bliss   "Scare U"

[22.12.2023]   Summer Cannibals   "I Wanna Believe"

[21.12.2023]   Mixtapes   "Bad Parts"

[20.12.2023]   Daughter   "Youth"

[19.12.2023]   Saint Agnes  "Heart Of Mine"

[18.12.2023]   GHUM  "Shallow"

[17.12.2023]   girl in red   "i wanna be your girlfriend"

[16.12.2023]   Le Trigre   "Deceptacon"

[15.12.2023]   girl in red   "bad idea!"

[14.12.2023]   Rain On Fridays   "Hey Man"

[13.12.2023]   Count Five   "Psychotic Reaction"

[12.12.2023]   Moderat   "A New Error"

[11.12.2023]   Spoon Benders   "No Exit"

[10.12.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Good Friend"

[09.12.2023]   Spoon Benders   "Dichotomatic"

[08.12.2023]   Sincere Engineer   "1K Rats"

[07.12.2023]   Surf Curse   "Sugar"

[06.12.2023]   Yeah Yeah Yeahs  "Pin"

[05.12.2023]   Ratboys   "Control"

[04.12.2023]   Harmony Woods   "Renovations"

[03.12.2023]   Marmozents   "Hit The Wave"

[02.12.2023]   Chumped   "Something About Lemons"

[01.12.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Good Friend"

[30.11.2023]   Cayetana   "Bus Ticket"

[29.11.2023]   Thin Lips   "What If I Saw You On The Street"

[28.11.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Won Yet"

[27.11.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Blue Again"

[26.11.2023]   Fresh   "Nervous Energy"

[25.11.2023]   Human People   "Black Flowers"

[24.11.2023]   Weakened Friends   "I Don't"

[23.11.2023]   Great Grandpy   "No"

[22.11.2023]   illuminati hotties   "freequent letdown"

[21.11.2023]   Shit Present   "Evil Way"

[20.11.2023]   Fresh   "Willa"

[19.11.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Honestly"

[18.11.2023]   Rain On Fridays   "Hey Man"

[17.11.2023]   Blushh   "What About My Plants"

[16.11.2023]   DILLY DALLY   "Ballin' Chain"

[15.11.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Waste"

[14.11.2023]   DILLY DALLY   "Green"

[13.11.2023]   Fresh   "Get Bent"

[12.11.2023]   joyride!   "Hold That Thought"

[11.11.2023]   Swearin'   "Grow Into A Ghost"

[10.11.2023]   A Place To Bury Strangers   "Hold On Tight"

[09.11.2023]   A Place To Bury Strangers   "End Of The Night"

[08.11.2023]   The Sonics   "Hitch Hike"

[07.11.2023]   13th Floor Elevators   "You're Gonna Miss Me"

[06.11.2023]   Chuck Berry   "Johnny B. Goode"

[05.11.2023]   girl in red   "bad idea!"

[04.11.2023]   The Sonics   "Have Love Will Travel"

[03.11.2023]   Kills Birds   "Volcano"

[02.11.2023]   Kills Birds   "Rabbit"

[01.11.2023]   Daddy Issues   "Dog Years"

[31.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "New Friend"

[30.10.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Everything Is Better"

[29.10.2023]   DILLY DALLY   "Snake Head"

[28.10.2023]   Starcrawler   "Train"

[27.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "Ow"

[26.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "Worthy Girl"

[25.10.2023]   Pretty Sick   "Human Condition"

[24.10.2023]   The Vines   "Phychomatic"

[23.10.2023]   Joy Division   "Disorder"

[22.10.2023]   Killing Joke   "Eightes"

[21.10.2023]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "By The Way"

[20.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "Volcano"

[19.10.2023]   Necking   "Big Mouth"

[18.10.2023]   Miss June   "Drool"

[17.10.2023]   The Skallywags   "Don't Preach To Me"

[16.10.2023]   High Vis   "The Bastard Inside"

[15.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "Volcano"

[14.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "Rabbit"

[13.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "New Friend"

[12.10.2023]   Kills Birds   "Volcano"

[11.10.2023]   Daddy Issues   "Dog Years"

[10.10.2023]   Mannequin Pussy   "Perfect"

[09.10.2023]   Radioactivity   "Don't Try"

[08.10.2023]   No Doubt   "Just A Girl"

[07.10.2023]   Slothrust   "Horseshoe Crab"

[06.10.2023]   Die Spitz   "Hair Of Dog"

[05.10.2023]   High Vis   "Choose To Lose"

[04.10.2023]   Pylon   "Volume"

[03.10.2023]   Bikini Kill   "I Hate Danger"

[02.10.2023]   Dream, Ivory   "Sometimes I Wonder"

[01.10.2023]   Vundabar   "Time"

[30.09.2023]   Spektre   "Another Life"

[29.09.2023]   Le Trigre   "Deceptacon"

[28.09.2023]   Bikini Kill  "Rebel Girl"

[27.09.2023]   Bikini Kill  "New Radio"

[26.09.2023]   Cloud Nothings   "Wasted Days"

[25.09.2023]   girl in red   "bad idea!"

[24.09.2023]   Color Me Wednesday   "Lost On The High Street"

[23.09.2023]   Orbital   "Tiny Foldable Cities"

[22.09.2023]   Suzanne Vega   "Tom's Diner"

[21.09.2023]   Big Thief   "Masterpiece"

[20.09.2023]   The Sugarcubes   "Coldsweat"

[19.09.2023]   Black Sabbath   "Supernaut"

[18.09.2023]   Bully   "Picture"

[17.09.2023]   Surf Curse   "Freaks"

[16.09.2023]   Surf Curse   "Freaks"

[15.09.2023]   Hop Along   "Sister Cities"

[14.09.2023]   Shit Present   "Anxious Type"

[13.09.2023]   Nirvana   "Love Buzz"

[12.09.2023]   Bully   "Brainfreeze"

[11.09.2023]   Bleached   "Looking For A Fight"

[10.09.2023]   Angie McMahon   "Keeping Time"

[09.09.2023]   Cloud Nothings   "Wasted Days"

[08.09.2023]   P.S. Eliot   "Broken Record"

[07.09.2023]   Anna Calvi, Courtney Barnett   "Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy"

[06.09.2023]   Courtney Barnett   "History Eraser"

[05.09.2023]   Skating Polly   "Little Girl Blue And The Battle Envy"

[04.09.2023]   Diet Cig   "Dinner Date"

[03.09.2023]   Lilly Palmer   "Resonate"

[02.09.2023]   Lilly Palmer   "Fall In Love"

[01.09.2023]   Autolux   "Turnstile Blues"

[31.08.2023]   Pink Floyd   "Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts.1-5"

[30.08.2023]   Potochkine   "Possédéé"

[29.08.2023]   Joy Division   "Disorder"

[28.08.2023]   Gesaffelstein   "Pursuit"

[27.08.2023]   Marmozets   "Move, Shake, Hide"

[26.08.2023]   PJ Harvey   "One Line"

[25.08.2023]   Human Tetris   "Things I Don't Need"

[24.08.2023]   Passion Noire   "The Sun & The Moon"

[23.08.2023]   Passion Noire   "More"

[22.08.2023]   TR/ST   "Bulbform"

[21.08.2023]   ACTORS   "We Don't Have To Dance"

[20.08.2023]   Soulwax   "Much Against Everyone's Advice"

[19.08.2023]   Martina Topley-Bird   "I Wanne Be There"

[18.08.2023]   Spin Doctors   "Two Princes"

[17.08.2023]   Lilly Palmer   "Fall In Love"

[16.08.2023]   Melissa Auf der Maur   "Follow The Waves"

[15.08.2023]   Tricky, Martina Topley-Bird   "Black Steel"

[14.08.2023]   Faithless, Rollo Armstrong, Sister Bliss   "Insomnia"

[13.08.2023]   Leftfield   "Phat Planet"

[12.08.2023]   Underworld   "Born Slippy"

[11.08.2023]   Flyleaf   "All Around Me"

[10.08.2023]   Tired Eyes Kingdom   "V's Session"

[09.08.2023]   Big Thief   "Not"

[08.08.2023]   Otis Reading   "(Sitting On) The Docks Of The Bay"

[07.08.2023]   Massive Attack  "Angel"

[06.08.2023]   Otis Reading   "Love Man"

[05.08.2023]   Eric Carmen   "Hungry Eyes"

[04.08.2023]   Petal   "Tightrope"

[03.08.2023]   Rage Against The Machine   "Guerrilla Radio"

[02.08.2023]   Daddy Issues   "I'm Not"

[01.08.2023]   All Dogs   "How Long"

[31.07.2023]   Nirvana   "Dive"

[30.07.2023]   Brutus   "Storm"

[29.07.2023]   Lygo   "Klo√ü im Hals"

[28.07.2023]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Throw Away Your Television"

[27.07.2023]   The Kills   "Pull A U"

[26.07.2023]   The Kills   "Fried My Little Brains"

[25.07.2023]   GEL   "Dicey"

[24.07.2023]   Mannequin Pussy   "Who You Are"

[23.07.2023]   Sincere Engineer   "1K Rats"

[22.07.2023]   Massive Attack  "Angel"

[21.07.2023]   Saint Agnes  "Outsider"

[20.07.2023]   Surf Curse   "Sugar"

[19.07.2023]   Jinjer   "Pisces"

[18.07.2023]   Lilly Palmer   "Resonate"

[17.07.2023]   Screaming Females   "Empty Head"

[16.07.2023]   Radio 4   "Enemies Like This"

[15.07.2023]   Nada Surf   "Hyperspace"

[14.07.2023]   baige GT   "Heat"

[13.07.2023]   Cable Car Theory   "The Mahdi And The Masses"

[12.07.2023]   Fresh   "Get Bent"

[11.07.2023]   Sleater-Kinney   "One Beat"

[10.07.2023]   Slothrust   "Peach"

[09.07.2023]   Tacocat   "Talk"

[08.07.2023]   Cherry Glazerr   "Ohio"

[07.07.2023]   Skating Polly   "Pretective Boy"

[06.07.2023]   Katie Ellen   "Wild Heart"

[05.07.2023]   Screaming Females   "Glass House"

[04.07.2023]   Liza Anne   "Paranoia"

[03.07.2023]   Bully   "Feel The Same"

[02.07.2023]   Sincere Engineer   "Overbite"

[01.07.2023]   Sincere Engineer   "Screw Up"

[30.06.2023]   Sincere Engineer   "1K Rats"

[29.06.2023]   All Dogs   "Buddy"

[28.06.2023]   Mixtapes   "Bad Parts"

[27.06.2023]   The Pearl Harts   "Black Blood"

[26.06.2023]   Deap Vally   "Smile More"

[25.06.2023]   Hop Along   "Young And Happy!"

[24.06.2023]   4 Non Blondes   "What's Up?"

[23.06.2023]   Jimi Hendrix   "Who Knows"

[22.06.2023]   The Cure   "Just Like Heaven"

[21.06.2023]   Now, Now   "Dead Oaks"

[20.06.2023]   Weakened Friends   "Evereything Is Better"

[19.06.2023]   The Bell And The Hammer   "I Know Why People Leave"

[18.06.2023]   Gold Steps   "Empty Space"

[17.06.2023]   Snow Coats   "Anyway"

[16.06.2023]   Linkin Park   "One Step Closer"

[15.06.2023]   Sons And Daughters   "Dance Me In"

[14.06.2023]   Daughter   "Youth"

[13.06.2023]   Billie Marten, Tom Rosenthal  "Hugging You"

[12.06.2023]   Billie Marten  "She Dances"

[11.06.2023]   Saint Agnes  "Heart Of Mine"

[10.06.2023]   Saint Agnes  "Bloodsuckers"

[09.06.2023]   GHUM  "Shallow"

[08.06.2023]   Jinger  "Captain Clock"

[07.06.2023]   Lemuria   "Brilliant Dancer"

[06.06.2023]   Jinger  "Copycat"

[05.06.2023]   Spiritbox  "Rule Of Nines"

[04.06.2023]   Jinger  "Just Another"

[03.06.2023]   Architects  "Here After"

[02.06.2023]   Unleash The Archers  "Shadow Guide"

[01.06.2023]   Sonic Youth  "100%"

[31.05.2023]   Speed Of Light  "Break"

[30.05.2023]   Speed Of Light  "Kill The Vibe"

[29.05.2023]   Torii Wolf  "Shadows Crawl"

[28.05.2023]   Daikaiju  "Jellyfish Sunrise"

[27.05.2023]   Phantogram  "When I'm Small"

[26.05.2023]   This Is The Kit  "Moonshine Freeze"

[25.05.2023]   Fugees, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Pras  "Killing Me Softly With His Song"

[24.05.2023]   Yeah Yeah Yeahs  "Cheated Hearts"

[23.05.2023]   Yeah Yeah Yeahs  "Pin"

[22.05.2023]   Mastik Groove, Pierfrancesco Grossi  "Fade in the Darkness"

[21.05.2023]   Under Black Helmet  "Mute"

[20.05.2023]   Transcode  "Devotion"

[19.05.2023]   Egotik  "Echoes Of A Broken Soul"

[18.05.2023]   Billie Marten  "Cartoon People"

[17.05.2023]   Waxahatchee, Kevin Morby  "The Dark Don't Hide It"

[16.05.2023]   Billie Marten, Tom Rosenthal  "Hugging You"

[15.05.2023]   Die Nerven  "Niemals"

[14.05.2023]   Bikini Kill  "Rebel Girl"

[13.05.2023]   Billie Marten  "Hello Sunshine"

[12.05.2023]   Billie Marten  "Heavy Weather"

[11.05.2023]   Haley Heynderickx, Max Garcia Conover  "Slow Talkin'"

[10.05.2023]   Carl Perkins  "Blue Suede Shoes"

[09.05.2023]   Lamb Of God   "Memento Mori"

[08.05.2023]   TOOL   "Vicarious"

[07.05.2023]   Jinjer   "Pisces"

[06.05.2023]   Sniff 'n' the Tears   "Driver's Seat"

[05.05.2023]   Ratboys   "Control"

[04.05.2023]   Soulwax   "Krack"

[03.05.2023]   Bully   "Brainfreeze"

[02.05.2023]   Skating Polly   "Little Girl Blue And The Battle Envy"

[01.05.2023]   Nirvana   "On A Plain"

[30.04.2023]   Nirvana   "About A Girl"

[29.04.2023]   Big Thief   "Shark Smile"

[28.04.2023]   Wolf Alice   "Blush"

[27.04.2023]   Heisskalt   "Identit√§tsstiftend"

[26.04.2023]   Warpaint   "Billie Holiday"

[25.04.2023]   Ratboys   "Control"

[24.04.2023]   Harmony Woods   "Renovations"

[23.04.2023]   Marmozents   "Hit The Wave"

[22.04.2023]   Sofia Mills   "i melt w u"

[21.04.2023]   Marmozents   "Captivate You"

[20.04.2023]   Birdy   "Wings"

[19.04.2023]   Radiohead   "How To Disappear Completely"

[18.04.2023]   Suzanne Vega   "Gypsy"

[17.04.2023]   The Lemonheads   "Luka"

[16.04.2023]   The Dresden Dolls   "The Mouse And The Model"

[15.04.2023]   The Dresden Dolls   "Pretty In Pink"

[14.04.2023]   Chuck Berry   "Johnny B. Goode"

[13.04.2023]   Sofia Mills   "Coffee Breath"

[12.04.2023]   Surf Curse   "Self Potrait"

[11.04.2023]   Surf Curse   "Freaks"

[10.04.2023]   Margaret Glaspy   "You And I"

[09.04.2023]   Angel Olson   "Shut Up Kiss Me"

[08.04.2023]   Ume   "Two Years Sleep"

[07.04.2023]   Big Thief   "Not"

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