Leben/Meinung / Sound Of The Day (2021/04/07 – 2022/04/06)

[06.04.2022]   GRMLN   "Dear Fear"

[05.04.2022]   Frank Turner   "Photosynthesis"

[04.04.2022]   Nirvana   "In Bloom"

[03.04.2022]   Pascow   "MS Pascow"

[02.04.2022]   New Order   "Temptation"

[01.04.2022]   The Dresden Dolls   "Backstabber"

[31.03.2022]   Jimi Hendrix   "Purple Haze"

[30.03.2022]   White Lung   "Hungry"

[29.03.2022]   Scar Symmetry   "Morphogenesis"

[28.03.2022]   Bronski Beat   "Why"

[27.03.2022]   Turquoise Days   "Grey Skies"

[26.03.2022]   Courtney Barnett   "Canned Tomatos"

[25.03.2022]   Red Zebra   "Innocent People"

[24.03.2022]   Bully   "Running"

[23.03.2022]   ANNA, Miss Kittin   "Forever Ravers"

[22.03.2022]   Carambolage   "Tu doch nicht so"

[21.03.2022]   Missing Persons   "Mental Hopscotch"

[20.03.2022]   Zombie Nation   "Kernkraft 400"

[19.03.2022]   HAIM   "The Wire"

[18.03.2022]   Grauzone   "Eisbär"

[17.03.2022]   Martha   "Dust, Juice, Bones & Hair"

[16.03.2022]   Type O Negative   "Anesthesia"

[15.03.2022]   A Flock Of Seagulls   "Space Age Love Song"

[14.03.2022]   Type O Negative   "I Don't Wanna Be Me"

[13.03.2022]   Buzz Kull   "Destination"

[12.03.2022]   Collective Soul   "Shine"

[11.03.2022]   The Pretty Reckless   "My Medicine"

[10.03.2022]   Simple Minds   "Theme For Great Cities"

[09.03.2022]   New Order   "Blue Monday"

[08.03.2022]   Bronski Beat   "Smalltown Boy"

[07.03.2022]   Firewind   "Rising Fire"

[06.03.2022]   Amorphis   "The Bee"

[05.03.2022]   Arch Enemy   "Handshake With Hell"

[03.03.2022]   Racer X   "Technical Difficulties"

[03.03.2022]   Soil   "Halo"

[02.03.2022]   Howlin' Wolf   "Smokestack Lightnin'"

[01.03.2022]   Jimi Hendrix   "Voodoo Child"

[28.02.2022]   Led Zeppelin   "Ozone Baby"

[27.02.2022]   The Beatles   "Blackbird"

[26.02.2022]   The Human League   "Being Boiled"

[25.02.2022]   Backyard Babies   "Minus Celsius"

[24.02.2022]   Iced Earth   "Ghost Of Freedom"

[23.02.2022]   Beach Slang   "American Girls And French Kisses"

[22.02.2022]   TOOL   "Ænema"

[21.02.2022]   Shit Present   "Anxious Type"

[20.02.2022]   Superchunk   "Hyper Enough"

[19.02.2022]   White Lung   "Drown With The Monster"

[18.02.2022]   Sleater-Kinney   "A New Wave"

[17.02.2022]   Cloud Nothings   "Wasted Days"

[16.02.2022]   Martha   "Dust, Juice, Bones & Hair"

[15.02.2022]   Stryper   "To Hell With The Devil"

[14.02.2022]   Iron Maiden   "Wasting Love"

[13.02.2022]   Type O Negative   "Summer Breeze"

[12.02.2022]   Skid Row   "In A Darkened Room"

[11.02.2022]   TOOL   "Fourty Six & 2"

[10.02.2022]   FJØRT   "Anthrazit"

[09.02.2022]   Fear Factory   "Replica"

[08.02.2022]   Machine Head   "Ten Ton Hammer"

[07.02.2022]   Kyuss   "Green Machine"

[06.02.2022]   Anthrax   "Only"

[05.02.2022]   Def Leppard   "Photograph"

[04.02.2022]   The Kinks   "Destroyer"

[03.02.2022]   Black Sabbath   "The Mob Rules"

[02.02.2022]   Punch   "Time Apart"

[01.02.2022]   Pearl Jam   "Even Flow"

[31.01.2022]   Savage   "Berlin"

[30.01.2022]   Lizzy Borden   "Me Against The World"

[29.01.2022]   Picture   "Lady Lightning"

[28.01.2022]   OM   "State Of Non-Return"

[27.01.2022]   Savage   "Let It Loose"

[26.01.2022]   Type O Negative   "Anesthesia"

[25.01.2022]   Thin Lizzy   "Cold Sweat"

[24.01.2022]   Iron Maiden   "Fear Of The Dark"

[23.01.2022]   Whitesnake   "Children Of The Night"

[22.01.2022]   Frank Turner   "Wessex Boy"

[21.01.2022]   Punch   "Do It Yourself"

[20.01.2022]   Killing Joke   "Big Buzz"

[19.01.2022]   Mobina Galore   "Restless Nights"

[18.01.2022]   Judas Priest   "Painkiller"

[17.01.2022]   Dio   "Rainbow In The Dark"

[16.01.2022]   Iron Maiden   "Two Minutes To Midnight"

[15.01.2022]   Killing Joke   "Eighties"

[14.01.2022]   The Buggles   "Video Killed The Radio Star"

[13.01.2022]   Die Nerven   "Eine Minute Schweben"

[12.01.2022]   Joy Division   "Interzone"

[11.01.2022]   Joy Division   "Disorder"

[10.01.2022]   New Order   "Blue Monday"

[09.01.2022]   Lemuria   "Lipstick"

[08.01.2022]   Sweet   "Fox On The Run"

[07.01.2022]   Killing Joke   "Eighties"

[06.01.2022]   Billy Idol   "Dancing With Myself"

[05.01.2022]   Depeche Mode   "Never Let Me Down Again"

[04.01.2022]   New York Dolls   "Personality Crisis"

[03.01.2022]   Chumped   "Something About Lemmons"

[02.01.2022]   Big Thief   "Not"

[01.01.2022]   Lemuria   "Brilliant Dancer"

[31.12.2021]   Whitesnake   "Here I Go Again"

[30.12.2021]   Mötley Crüe   "Kickstart My Heart"

[29.12.2021]   Duran Duran   "Hold Back The Rain"

[28.12.2021]   Earth, Wind & Fire   "September"

[27.12.2021]   Little Richard  "Tutti Frutti"

[26.12.2021]   Heavy Trash   "Good Man"

[25.12.2021]   Bronski Beat   "Smalltown Boy"

[24.12.2021]   Carpenter Brut   "Escape From Midwich Valley"

[23.12.2021]   Carpenter Brut   "Disco Zombi Italia"

[22.12.2021]   Small Faces   "You Need Loving"

[21.12.2021]   Kings Of Leon   "Fans"

[20.12.2021]   The Beatles   "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"

[19.12.2021]   Black Pistol Fire   "Dead Love"

[18.12.2021]   The Kills   "DNA"

[17.12.2021]   Kraftwerk   "Pocket Calculator"

[16.12.2021]   Bratmobile   "Gimme Brains"

[15.12.2021]   The Gits   "Second Skin"

[14.12.2021]   The Romantics   "What I Like About You"

[13.12.2021]   The Police  "So Lonely"

[12.12.2021]   Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Higher Ground"

[11.12.2021]   Flogging Molly  "Drunken Lullabies"

[10.12.2021]   Ray Charles  "Mess Around"

[09.12.2021]   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  "Shuffle Your Feet"

[08.12.2021]   Jimi Hendrix  "Voodoo Child"

[07.12.2021]   Wolfmother  "White Unicorn"

[06.12.2021]   The White Stripes  "Catch Hell Blues"

[05.12.2021]   Jesse Redwing  "Crawlin' Up The Walls"

[04.12.2021]   Ray Charles  "Mess Around"

[03.12.2021]   little hurricane   "Grand Canyon"

[02.12.2021]   Nirvana   "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

[01.12.2021]   The Hollies   "Long Cool Woman"

[30.11.2021]   The Parlor Mob   "Everything You're Breathing For"

[29.11.2021]   Elton Motello   "Jet Boy Jet Girl"

[28.11.2021]   The Mamas & The Papas   "California Dreamin'"

[27.11.2021]   Rage Against The Machine   "Killing In The Name"

[26.11.2021]   The Greasy Slicks   "Let Me Down"

[25.11.2021]   Mummy   "Dream Smasher"

[24.11.2021]   The Greasy Slicks   "Messing With My Head"

[23.11.2021]   FJØRT   "Anthrazit"

[22.11.2021]   Cut Capers   "Pinstripe Tux"

[21.11.2021]   Warpaint   "Stars"

[20.11.2021]   Dead Sara   "Lovesick"

[19.11.2021]   John Mayall   "Room To Move"

[18.11.2021]   Frank Turner   "Four Simple Words"

[17.11.2021]   Queen   "We Will Rock You"

[16.11.2021]   Big Thief   "Not"

[15.11.2021]   Hop Along   "Sister Cities"

[14.11.2021]   Stray Cats   "Wild Saxophone"

[13.11.2021]   Deap Vally   "Heart Is An Animal"

[12.11.2021]   Bully   "Either Way"

[11.11.2021]   Violent Femmes   "Kiss Off"

[10.11.2021]   The Rolling Stones   "Paint It Black"

[09.11.2021]   The Big Push   "Watch Out"

[08.11.2021]   The Von Blondies   "C'mon C'mon"

[07.11.2021]   JD McPherson   "Head Over Heels"

[06.11.2021]   The Velvet Underground   "Sunday Morning"

[05.11.2021]   The Hillbilly Moon Explosion   "Call Me"

[04.11.2021]   Sly & The Family Stone   "Dance To The Music"

[03.11.2021]   Queen   "Now I'm Here"

[02.11.2021]   The Contours  "Do You Love Me"

[01.11.2021]   The Kinks  "Sunny Afternoon"

[31.10.2021]   Sunny Day Real Estate  "In Circles"

[30.10.2021]   Black Pistol Fire   "Silent Blue"

[29.10.2021]   little hurricane   "Grand Canyon"

[28.10.2021]   Humble Pie   "Black Coffee"

[27.10.2021]   Lygo   "Da sind Fragen"

[26.10.2021]   a-ha   "Hunting High And Low"

[25.10.2021]   Small Faces   "Lazy Sunday"

[24.10.2021]   Radiohead   "High And Dry"

[23.10.2021]   Wednesday   "How Can You Live If You Can't Love How Can You If You Do"

[22.10.2021]   Girlschool   "Race With The Devil"

[21.10.2021]   Ringo Starr   "Photograph"

[20.10.2021]   Bobbie Gentry   "Fancy"

[19.10.2021]   Kraftwerk   "Das Model"

[18.10.2021]   Sweet   "Hell Raiser"

[17.10.2021]   Queen   "A Kind Of Magic"

[16.10.2021]   The Kinks  "Lola"

[15.10.2021]   Fortuna Ehrenfeld  "Hundeherz"

[14.10.2021]   Fortuna Ehrenfeld  "Hundeherz"

[13.10.2021]   The Young Rascals  "Good Lovin'"

[12.10.2021]   little hurricane  "Love Luck"

[11.10.2021]   The Distillers  "The Hunger"

[10.10.2021]   The Easybeats  "Friday On My Mind"

[09.10.2021]   The Sonics  "Have Love Will Travel"

[08.10.2021]   Yeah Yeah Yeahs   "Date With The Night"

[07.10.2021]   Gossip   "Fire With Fire"

[06.10.2021]   Yeah Yeah Yeahs   "Pin"

[05.10.2021]   Billie Holiday   "Blue Moon"

[04.10.2021]   Billy Idol   "Hot In The City"

[03.10.2021]   The Ronettes   "Be My Baby"

[02.10.2021]   The Hellacopters   "Fire Fire Fire"

[01.10.2021]   Chris Montez   "Let's Dance"

[30.09.2021]   Keith Richards   "Blues In The Morning"

[29.09.2021]   The Rolling Stones   "Paint It Black"

[28.09.2021]   Lee Hazlewood   "She Comes Running"

[27.09.2021]   Gary U.S. Bonds   "New Orleans"

[26.09.2021]   Hawkwind   "Hurry On Sundown"

[25.09.2021]   The Byrds   "Mr. Spaceman"

[24.09.2021]   The Beatles   "Rock And Roll Music"

[23.09.2021]   Loverboy   "Turn Me Loose"

[22.09.2021]   Sonny & Cher   "I Got You Babe"

[21.09.2021]   The Supremes   "You Can't Hurry Love"

[20.09.2021]   Queen   "Now I'm Here"

[19.09.2021]   The Searchers   "Needles And Pins"

[18.09.2021]   Village People   "YMCA"

[17.09.2021]   The Dovells   "You Can't Sit Down"

[16.09.2021]   The Doors   "Touch Me"

[15.09.2021]   Sly & The Family Stone   "Everyday People"

[14.09.2021]   The Beatles   "Ticket To Ride"

[13.09.2021]   The Beatles   "Help!"

[12.09.2021]   Queen   "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

[11.09.2021]   Queen   "A Kind Of Magic"

[10.09.2021]   David Bowie   "Heroes"

[09.09.2021]   The Rolling Stones   "She's A Rainbow"

[08.09.2021]   Fine Young Cannibals  "She Drives Me Crazy"

[07.09.2021]   Queen   "It's Late"

[06.09.2021]   The Rolling Stones   "Sympathy For The Devil"

[05.09.2021]   Bikini Kill  "Rebel Girl"

[04.09.2021]   The Spencer Davis Group  "Gimme Some Lovin'"

[03.09.2021]   The Kinks  "All Day And All Of The Night"

[02.09.2021]   Chubby Checker   "Let's Twist Again"

[01.09.2021]   Sonny & Cher   "I Got You Babe"

[31.08.2021]   Eddie Cochran   "Summertime Blues"

[30.08.2021]   Queen   "Don't Stop Me Now"

[29.08.2021]   Flamin' Groovies   "Slow Death"

[28.08.2021]   The Detroit Cobras   "As Long As I Have You"

[27.08.2021]   The Beatles   "Twist And Shout"

[26.08.2021]   Deep Purple  "Hush"

[25.08.2021]   Carl Perkins  "Blue Suede Shoes"

[24.08.2021]   Basement   "Covet"

[23.08.2021]   Warpaint   "Disco//very"

[22.08.2021]   Natural Child   "DTV"

[21.08.2021]   The Detroit Cobras   "Midnite Blues"

[20.08.2021]   Cheap Trick   "I Want You To Want Me"

[19.08.2021]   Sweet   "Ballroom Blitz"

[18.08.2021]   Huey Lewis & The News  "Back In Time"

[17.08.2021]   Queen   "Radio Ga Ga"

[16.08.2021]   Queen   "I Want It All"

[15.08.2021]   Queen   "Under Pressure"

[14.08.2021]   Bruce Channel  "Hey! Baby"

[13.08.2021]   The Romantics   "What I Like About You"

[12.08.2021]   Joy Division   "Transmission"

[11.08.2021]   The Pack a.d.  "Yes I Know"

[10.08.2021]   Love  "Everybody's Gotta Live"

[09.08.2021]   The Kinks  "You Really Got Me"

[08.08.2021]   Mr. Airplane Man  "Sun Sinking Low"

[07.08.2021]   Dead Moon  "It's O.K."

[06.08.2021]   The Yardbirds  "For Your Love"

[05.08.2021]   The Rockets  "Oh Well"

[04.08.2021]   Norman Greenbaum  "Spirit In The Sky"

[03.08.2021]   George Thorogood & The Destroyers  "Who Do You Love?"

[02.08.2021]   Free  "All Right Now"

[01.08.2021]   Nirvana  "You Know You're Right"

[31.07.2021]   Tommy Roe  "Dizzy"

[30.07.2021]   Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels  "Devil With A Blue Dress"

[29.07.2021]   John Frusciante  "Look On"

[28.07.2021]   Nirvana  "Come As You Are"

[27.07.2021]   WITCH  "Living In The Past"

[26.07.2021]   The Spencer Davis Group  "Gimme Some Lovin'"

[25.07.2021]   Heisskalt  "Alles gut"

[24.07.2021]   Bon Iver  "Re: Stacks"

[23.07.2021]   Carole King  "Bitter With The Sweet"

[22.07.2021]   Radiohead  "How To Disappear Completely"

[21.07.2021]   The Kingsmen  "Louie Louie"

[20.07.2021]   The McCoys  "Hang On Sloopy"

[19.07.2021]   Die Mannequin  "Near The End"

[18.07.2021]   Grand Soleil  "Misfits"

[17.07.2021]   The Lovin' Spoonful  "Do You Believe In Magic?"

[16.07.2021]   The Kinks  "Picture Book"

[15.07.2021]   The Kinks  "Destroyer"

[14.07.2021]   The 5th Dimension  "Let The Sunshine In"

[13.07.2021]   The Kingsmen  "Louie Louie"

[12.07.2021]   Nirvana  "Heart-Shaped Box"

[11.07.2021]   Lou Reed  "Walk On The Wild Side"

[10.07.2021]   The Animals  "Boom Boom"

[09.07.2021]   The Primitives  "Crash"

[08.07.2021]   Ray Charles  "What'd I Say"

[07.07.2021]   Little Milton  "That's What Love Will Make You Do"

[06.07.2021]   Little Milton  "If You Love Me"

[05.07.2021]   Ray Charles  "Mess Around"

[04.07.2021]   Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats  "Melody Lane"

[03.07.2021]   Link Wray  "Rumble"

[02.07.2021]   Twisted Sister  "We're Not Gonna Take It"

[01.07.2021]   Dexys Midnight Runners  "Come On Eileen"

[30.06.2021]   The Sonics  "Psycho"

[29.06.2021]   Fine Young Cannibals  "She Drives Me Crazy"

[28.06.2021]   Fats Domino  "I'm Walking"

[27.06.2021]   Queen   "You And I"

[26.06.2021]   The Beatles   "She Loves You"

[25.06.2021]   Van Halen   "Jump"

[24.06.2021]   The Kinks   "Victoria"

[23.06.2021]   Queen   "Under Pressure"

[22.06.2021]   Huey Lewis & The News  "Back In Time"

[21.06.2021]   Chuck Berry   "Johnny B. Goode"

[20.06.2021]   Pat Benatar   "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

[19.06.2021]   The Aggrolites   "Funky Fire"

[18.06.2021]   The Rolling Stones   "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"

[17.06.2021]   The Ventures   "Walk, Don't Run"

[16.06.2021]   Stray Cats   "Rock This Town"

[15.06.2021]   The Interrupters   "Take Back The Power"

[14.06.2021]   Svetec   "Set Up"

[13.06.2021]   Klangkuenstler   "Untergang"

[12.06.2021]   STØTS   "Electric Overdose"

[11.06.2021]   Chubby Checker   "The Twist"

[10.06.2021]   Queen   "Under Pressure"

[09.06.2021]   Earth, Wind & Fire   "September"

[08.06.2021]   Courtney Barnett   "Everybody Here Hates You"

[07.06.2021]   a-ha   "The Sun Always Shines On TV"

[06.06.2021]   Public Image Ltd.   "Rise"

[05.06.2021]   Perc, Randomer   "Flooring"

[04.06.2021]   Bill Haley & His Comets   "Shake, Rattle And Roll"

[03.06.2021]   Amelie Lens   "In Silence"

[02.06.2021]   The Beatles   "I Saw Her Standing There"

[01.06.2021]   David Bowie   "Let's Dance"

[31.05.2021]   Chuck Berry   "Johnny B. Goode"

[30.05.2021]   The Romantics   "What I Like About You"

[29.05.2021]   The Who   "Baba O'Riley"

[28.05.2021]   T78, Raito   "Acid People"

[27.05.2021]   Amelie Lens   "Energize"

[26.05.2021]   I Hate Models   "Izanami"

[25.05.2021]   I Hate Models   "Cynanure Dance"

[24.05.2021]   Julia Bondar  "Enchanted"

[23.05.2021]   Ela Minus   "dominique"

[22.05.2021]   Cherrymoon Trax   "The House Of House"

[21.05.2021]   ANNA   "Hidden Beauties"

[20.05.2021]   Billie Holiday   "Blue Moon"

[19.05.2021]   illuminati hotties   "superiority complex"

[18.05.2021]   Grauzone   "Eisbär"

[17.05.2021]   VTSS   "Atlantyda"

[16.05.2021]   Deborah de Luca  "Words Thorns"

[15.05.2021]   Max Cooper  "Order From Chaos"

[14.05.2021]   The Rolling Stones  "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

[13.05.2021]   Elvis Presley  "Blue Suede Shoes"

[12.05.2021]   Little Richard  "Lucille"

[11.05.2021]   Queen   "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

[10.05.2021]   David Bowie   "Let's Dance"

[09.05.2021]   Men Without Hats   "The Safety Dance"

[08.05.2021]   Huey Lewis & The News  "Hip To Be Square"

[07.05.2021]   Huey Lewis & The News  "The Power Of Love"

[06.05.2021]   Elvis Presley  "Don't Be Cruel"

[05.05.2021]   Fine Young Cannibals  "She Drives Me Crazy"

[04.05.2021]   Journey  "Don't Stop Believin'"

[03.05.2021]   Mux   "El Dolor"

[02.05.2021]   Anna Reusch   "Diaphone"

[01.05.2021]   Bully   "Milkman"

[30.04.2021]   Bully   "Hate And Control"

[29.04.2021]   ANNA, Miss Kittin   "Forever Ravers"

[28.04.2021]   VTSS   "Atlantyda"

[27.04.2021]   Koszmar   "Omega Arch"

[26.04.2021]   LSD   "Process 12"

[25.04.2021]   Depeche Mode   "Never Let Me Down Again"

[24.04.2021]   Warpaint   "Billie Holiday"

[23.04.2021]   Warpaint   "Disco//very"

[22.04.2021]   BADBADNOTGOOD   "Can't Leave The Night"

[21.04.2021]   Modeselektor, Tommy Cash   "Who"

[20.04.2021]   Helena Hauff   "Spur"

[19.04.2021]   Spektre   "Another Life"

[18.04.2021]   Gesaffelstein   "Opr"

[17.04.2021]   Fatima Hajji   "Ykn"

[16.04.2021]   Placebo   "Teenage Angst"

[15.04.2021]   Suzanne Vega  "Tom's Diner"

[14.04.2021]   The Black Keys  "Little Black Submarines"

[13.04.2021]   The Black Keys  "Yearnin'"

[12.04.2021]   Julia Bondar  "Overflowing"

[11.04.2021]   The Bandgeek Mafia  "Consequences"

[10.04.2021]   Creedence Clearwater Revival  "Lookin' Out My Back Door"

[09.04.2021]   The Stone Roses  "Love Spreads"

[08.04.2021]   Grauzone   "Eisbär"

[07.04.2021]   Umwel  "Slave To The Rave"

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