Leben/Meinung / Sound Of The Day (2018)

[31.12.2018]   Hidden Empire   "Cashmere"

[30.12.2018]   Dance With The Dead   "Andromeda"

[29.12.2018]   Ex Machina   "Silencer"

[28.12.2018]   Zimms   "Sinematic"

[27.12.2018]   Hidden Empire   "Cashmere"

[26.12.2018]   Charlotte de Witte   "The Healer"

[25.12.2018]   Marmozets   "Lost In Translation"

[24.12.2018]   Spektre   "Without Warning"

[23.12.2018]   Paula Temple   "Cloned"

[22.12.2018]   ANNA   "Portable Paradise"

[21.12.2018]   Fjørt   "Lichterloh"

[20.12.2018]   This Is My Fist   "Wooden Bullets"

[19.12.2018]   RVIVR   "Wrong Way/One Way"

[18.12.2018]   Swearin'   "Kenosha"

[17.12.2018]   Jeff Rosenstock   "Hey Allison!"

[16.12.2018]   Disco//Oslo   "Bis zum Hals"

[15.12.2018]   Lygo   "Störche"

[14.12.2018]   Pixies   "Gigantic"

[13.12.2018]   Seratones   "Don't Need It"

[12.12.2018]   Turbostaat   "Vormann Leiss"

[11.12.2018]   Deep Purple   "Hush"

[10.12.2018]   Cloud Nothings   "Wasted Days"

[09.12.2018]   The Lemonheads   "Anyway"

[08.12.2018]   Remember Sports   "Otherwise"

[07.12.2018]   Remember Sports   "Unwell"

[06.12.2018]   Screaming Females   "Foul Moth"

[05.12.2018]   Joy Division   "Transmission"

[04.12.2018]   Sleater-Kinney   "What's Mine Is Yours"

[03.12.2018]   The Lumineers   "Flowers In Your Hair"

[02.12.2018]   Pendulum   "Blood Sugar"

[01.12.2018]   Skinny Puppy   "Pro-test"

[30.11.2018]   Bauhaus   "She's In Parties"

[29.11.2018]   The Kinks   "All Day And All Night Long"

[28.11.2018]   The Uninvited Guests   "Runaround Blues"

[27.11.2018]   Loverboy   "Turn Me Loose"

[26.11.2018]   Sleater-Kinney   "Entertain"

[25.11.2018]   King Tuff   "Eddie's Song"

[24.11.2018]   Cloud Nothings   "Wasted Days"

[23.11.2018]   The Romantics   "What I Like About You"

[22.11.2018]   Pascow   "Lauf Forrest, lauf!"

[21.11.2018]   Stevie Nicks   "Edge Of Seventeen"

[20.11.2018]   Waxahatchee   "Hear You"

[19.11.2018]   Big Thief   "Real Love"

[18.11.2018]   The Smiths   "What Difference Does It Make"

[17.11.2018]   The Jam   "In The City"

[16.11.2018]   The Strangeloves   "I Want Candy"

[15.11.2018]   Rancid   "Time Bomb"

[14.11.2018]   Eagle-Eye Cherry   "Save Tonight"

[13.11.2018]   Incubus   "Drive"

[12.11.2018]   Dinosaur Jr.   "Tiny"

[11.11.2018]   4 Non Blondes   "What's Up"

[10.11.2018]   Nirvana   "Come As You Are"

[09.11.2018]   Heisskalt   "Alles gut"

[08.11.2018]   The Black Keys   "'Till I Get My Way"

[07.11.2018]   Haybaby   "New Friends"

[06.11.2018]   Japandroids   "Fire's Highway"

[05.11.2018]   We The Heathens   "Neurotic Decay"

[04.11.2018]   Hot Snakes   "Six Waves Hold-Down"

[03.11.2018]   The Lemonheads   "From Here To Burma"

[02.11.2018]   Kyuus   "Asteroid"

[01.11.2018]   The Stooges   "1970"

[31.10.2018]   Nirvana   "Dumb"

[30.10.2018]   Incubus   "Drive"

[29.10.2018]   Nirvana   "Territorial Pissings"

[28.10.2018]   Swearin'   "Irrational"

[27.10.2018]   Muncie Girls   "Fig Tree"

[26.10.2018]   Flyleaf   "Fully Alive"

[25.10.2018]   Beastie Boys   "Gratitude"

[24.10.2018]   Blur   "For Tomorrow"

[23.10.2018]   The Smiths   "How Soon Is Now?"

[22.10.2018]   Honig   "For Those Lost At Sea"

[21.10.2018]   Frank Turner   "Recovery"

[20.10.2018]   Frank Turner   "Get Better"

[19.10.2018]   Muncie Girls   "Gone With The Wind"

[18.10.2018]   The Lemonheads   "Luka"

[17.10.2018]   Patti Smith   "Because The Night"

[16.10.2018]   Great Cynics   "Want You Around"

[15.10.2018]   The Lemonheads   "From Here To Burma"

[14.10.2018]   The Lemonheads   "Anyway"

[13.10.2018]   Ton Steine Scherben   "Wir müssen hier raus"

[12.10.2018]   Cayetana   "Am I Dead Yet?"

[11.10.2018]   Julie Byrne   "Sleepwalker"

[10.10.2018]   Against Me!   "I Was A Teenage Anarchist"

[09.10.2018]   The Distillers   "Beat Your Heart Out"

[08.10.2018]   Siv Jakobsen   "Not Alone"

[07.10.2018]   Pretty Girls Make Graves   "Something Bigger, Something Brighter"

[06.10.2018]   Swearin'   "Future Hell"

[05.10.2018]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "By The Way"

[04.10.2018]   The Hold Steady   "You Gotta Dance"

[03.10.2018]   Swearin'   "Movie Star"

[02.10.2018]   Cayetana   "Am I Dead Yet?"

[01.10.2018]   Skating Polly   "Little Girl Blue And The Battle Envy"

[30.09.2018]   Swiss & Die Anderen   "Elbe"

[29.09.2018]   ORB   "Space Between The Planets"

[28.09.2018]   Joy Division   "Disorder"

[27.09.2018]   The SHRINE   "Tripping Corpse"

[26.09.2018]   Dead Moon   "It's O.K."

[25.09.2018]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Parallel Universe"

[24.09.2018]   Starcrawler   "Ants"

[23.09.2018]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Can't Stop"

[22.09.2018]   Bon Iver   "re:stacks"

[21.09.2018]   Michael Malarkey   "Dancing In The Grey"

[20.09.2018]   Marc Scibilia   "Sommer Clothes"

[19.09.2018]   This Is The Kit   "By My Demon Eye"

[18.09.2018]   David Bowie   "Heroes"

[17.09.2018]   Dexys Midnight Runners   "Come On Eileen"

[16.09.2018]   Waxahatchee   "No Curse"

[15.09.2018]   Japandroids   "Fire's Highway"

[14.09.2018]   Cloud Nothings   "The Echo Of The World"

[13.09.2018]   Thee Oh Sees   "Animated Violence"

[12.09.2018]   DILLY DALLY   "Purple Rage"

[11.09.2018]   Jane's Addiction   "Just Because"

[10.09.2018]   Ramona Falls   "I Say Fever"

[09.09.2018]   Doves   "Darker"

[08.09.2018]   Slothrust   "Cubicle"

[07.09.2018]   Millencolin   "No Cigar"

[06.09.2018]   Rage Against The Machine   "Guerrilla Radio"

[05.09.2018]   Pennywise   "Fuck Athority"

[04.09.2018]   The Lemonheads   "Mrs. Robinson"

[03.09.2018]   The White Dukes   "Take It Slow"

[02.09.2018]   Ben Howard   "Keep Your Head Up"

[01.09.2018]   Ben Howard   "Only Love"

[31.08.2018]   Tagtraum   "Um die Welt"

[30.08.2018]   Nirvana   "Pennyroyal Tea"

[29.08.2018]   Deftones   "Change"

[28.08.2018]   The Doors   "L.A. Woman"

[27.08.2018]   Fugazi   "Waiting Room"

[26.08.2018]   The Hold Steady   "Constructive Summer"

[25.08.2018]   Brutus   "Drive - 3/4s"

[24.08.2018]   Warpaint   "Elephants"

[23.08.2018]   Massenger   "Fat Cat"

[22.08.2018]   The Kills   "Tape Song"

[21.08.2018]   Suuns   "2020"

[20.08.2018]   Autolux   "Turnstile Blues"

[19.08.2018]   PJ Harvey, John Parish   "Black Hearted Love"

[18.08.2018]   The Walkmen   "The Rat"

[17.08.2018]   Turbostaat   "Vormann Leiss"

[16.08.2018]   Los Campesinos!   "You! Me! Dancing!"

[15.08.2018]   The Cure   "Friday I'm In Love"

[14.08.2018]   Nomeansno   "Now"

[13.08.2018]   Lois & The Love   "Rabbit Hole"

[12.08.2018]   ...But Alive   "Das sind die 90er, Baby"

[11.08.2018]   Bad Drugs   "I Don't Care"

[10.08.2018]   Gary Clark Jr.   "Catfish Blues"

[09.08.2018]   Autolux   "Turnstile Blues"

[08.08.2018]   Nathan Gray   "Echoes"

[07.08.2018]   Gold Key   "Mechanical World"

[06.08.2018]   VAN HOLZEN   "Herr der Welt"

[05.08.2018]   Cloud Nothings   "Enter Entirely"

[04.08.2018]   Radioactivity   "Pretty Girl"

[03.08.2018]   Milliarden   "Kokain und Himbeereis"

[02.08.2018]   Yeah Yeah Yeahs   "Y Control"

[01.08.2018]   Waxahatchee   "Never Been Wrong"

[31.07.2018]   Great Cynics   "Lost In You"

[30.07.2018]   Lemuria   "Piranha"

[29.07.2018]   The Hold Steady   "Chips Ahoy"

[28.07.2018]   Go Betty Go   "You Want It All"

[27.07.2018]   Estrons   "Drop"

[26.07.2018]   Cage The Elephant   "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked"

[25.07.2018]   The Heavy   "How You Like Me Now"

[24.07.2018]   Jawbreaker   "Want"

[23.07.2018]   Martha   "Bubble In My Blooed Stream"

[22.07.2018]   Waxahatchee   "Never Been Wrong"

[21.07.2018]   Silversun Pickups   "Panic Switch"

[20.07.2018]   Campdogzz   "The Well"

[19.07.2018]   Bully   "Milkman"

[18.07.2018]   joyride!   "Social Studies"

[17.07.2018]   New Radicals   "You Get What You Give"

[16.07.2018]   joyride!   "Below"

[15.07.2018]   Off With Their Heads   "Nightlife"

[14.07.2018]   Mobina Galore   "Going Out Alone"

[13.07.2018]   The Smashing Pumpkins   "An Ode To No One"

[12.07.2018]   The Sensitives   "No Way"

[11.07.2018]   Deap Vally   "Gonnawanna"

[10.07.2018]   The Kills   "Fuck The People"

[09.07.2018]   Martha   "The Historian"

[08.07.2018]   The Stone Roses   "Love Spreads"

[07.07.2018]   Doe   "Basement"

[06.07.2018]   Mobina Galore   "Better Days"

[05.07.2018]   Tigeryouth   "Herz schultern"

[04.07.2018]   The Thermals   "The Sunset"

[03.07.2018]   The Black Keys   "Everlasting Light"

[02.07.2018]   Kaleo   "No Good"

[01.07.2018]   Last Train   "Way Out"

[30.06.2018]   Nine Inch Nails   "Closer"

[29.06.2018]   The Black Keys   "Heavy Soul"

[28.06.2018]   Blur   "Song 2"

[27.06.2018]   Kyuss   "Green Machine"

[26.06.2018]   Dire Straits   "Espresso Love"

[25.06.2018]   Cayetana   "Trails"

[24.06.2018]   Rage Against The Maschine   "Take The Power Back"

[23.06.2018]   Laura Stevenson   "Jellyfish"

[22.06.2018]   Madsen   "Die Perfektion"

[21.06.2018]   AnnanMayKantereit   "21, 22, 23"

[20.06.2018]   Wizo   "Raum der Zeit"

[19.06.2018]   Heisskalt   "Nicht anders gewollt"

[18.06.2018]   Rage Against The Machine   "Bombtrack"

[17.06.2018]   HIM   "Wicked Game"

[16.06.2018]   New York Dolls   "Personality Crisis"

[15.06.2018]   Judas Priest   "Breaking The Law"

[14.06.2018]   Madsen   "Nachtbaden"

[13.06.2018]   The Velvet Underground   "Rock & Roll"

[12.06.2018]   Graham Coxon   "You & I"

[11.06.2018]   Pearl Jam   "Alive"

[10.06.2018]   Deep Purple   "Highway Star"

[09.06.2018]   Bush   "Little Things"

[08.06.2018]   Reigning Sound   "Stormy Weather"

[07.06.2018]   Caesars   "Jerk It Out"

[06.06.2018]   Vampire Weekend   "A-Punk"

[05.06.2018]   Franz Ferdinand   "Take Me Out"

[04.06.2018]   The Wombats   "Let's Dance To Joy Division"

[03.06.2018]   Massive Attack   "Angel"

[02.06.2018]   Jet   "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"

[01.06.2018]   OK Go   "Here It Goes Again"

[31.05.2018]   The Aggrolites   "Funky Fire"

[30.05.2018]   The Specialists   "A Message To You Rudy"

[29.05.2018]   Hot Snakes   "Plenty For All"

[28.05.2018]   Mando Diao   "Long Before Rock'n'Roll"

[27.05.2018]   Pinact   "Anxiety"

[26.05.2018]   Vampire Weekend   "A-Punk"

[25.05.2018]   The New Pornographers   "Mass Romantic"

[24.05.2018]   Alice In Chains   "Man In The Box"

[23.05.2018]   Bush   "Machinehead"

[22.05.2018]   Heavens   "Counting"

[21.05.2018]   The Wailers   "Out Of Our Tree"

[20.05.2018]   Mumford & Sons   "Little Lion Man"

[19.05.2018]   Florence + The Mashine   "You've Got The Love"

[18.05.2018]   Caesars   "Jerk It Out"

[17.05.2018]   Bon Iver   "Skinny Love"

[16.05.2018]   Bright Eyes   "First Day Of My Life"

[15.05.2018]   The Hives   "Hate To Say I Told You So"

[14.05.2018]   The Fratellis   "Chelsea Dagger"

[13.05.2018]   Hop Along   "Sally II"

[12.05.2018]   Hop Along   "Waitress"

[11.05.2018]   Sister Nancy   "Bam Bam"

[10.05.2018]   Marathonmann   "Rücklauf"

[09.05.2018]   Heisskalt   "Nacht ein"

[08.05.2018]   Beach Slang   "Future Mixtapes For The Art Kids"

[07.05.2018]   Dan Luke And The Raid   "Black Cat Heavy Metal"

[06.05.2018]   Slutever   "Maggot"

[05.05.2018]   Meat Wave   "Brother"

[04.05.2018]   The Only Ones   "Another Girl, Another Planet"

[03.05.2018]   FIDLAR   "Sabotage"

[02.05.2018]   New York Dolls   "Personality Crisis"

[01.05.2018]   The Fall   "Victoria"

[30.04.2018]   The Undertones   "Get Over You"

[29.04.2018]   Joe Jackson   "Got The Time"

[28.04.2018]   Mean Jeans   "Nite Vision"

[27.04.2018]   Pixies   "Head On"

[26.04.2018]   Hot Snakes   "Plenty For All"

[25.04.2018]   Violent Femmes   "Memory"

[24.04.2018]   The Who   "The Seeker"

[23.04.2018]   Heisskalt   "Alles gut"

[22.04.2018]   Casper Skulls   "Love Brain"

[21.04.2018]   All Dogs   "That Kind Of Girl"

[20.04.2018]   Duesenjaeger   "Stadt hau ab!"

[19.04.2018]   Bully   "Picture"

[18.04.2018]   Sonic Youth   "Cool Thing"

[17.04.2018]   Bad Cop, Bad Cop   "Here's You"

[16.04.2018]   The Cure   "Friday I'm In Love"

[15.04.2018]   The Thermals   "Hey You"

[14.04.2018]   Ratt   "Round And Round"

[13.04.2018]   Big Ups   "Goes Black"

[12.04.2018]   PARTYBABY   "Everything's All Right"

[11.04.2018]   Bob Marley & The Wailers   "Three Little Birds"

[10.04.2018]   Lemuria   "Christine Perfect"

[09.04.2018]   Van Halen   "Why Can't This Be Love"

[08.04.2018]   Martha   "Chekhov's Hangnail"

[07.04.2018]   Honey Blood   "Killer Bangs"

[06.04.2018]   Camp Cope   "Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams"

[05.04.2018]   The Doors   "Break On Through"

[04.04.2018]   The Cure   "Pictures Of You"

[03.04.2018]   Deap Vally   "Heart Is An Animal"

[02.04.2018]   Cayetana   "Serious Things Are Stupid"

[01.04.2018]   Bully   "Feel The Same"

[31.03.2018]   The Smiths   "How Soon Is Now?"

[30.03.2018]   The Black Keys   "Your Touch"

[29.03.2018]   The Psychedelic Furs   "Pretty In Pink"

[28.03.2018]   Joy Division   "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

[27.03.2018]   a-ha   "Take On Me"

[26.03.2018]   W.A.S.P.   "I Wanna Be Somebody"

[25.03.2018]   The Psychedelic Furs   "Pretty In Pink"

[24.03.2018]   Billy Idol   "Dancing With Myself"

[23.03.2018]   Simple Minds   "Don't You"

[22.03.2018]   Tears For Fears   "Shout"

[21.03.2018]   The Cure   "Boys Don't Cry"

[20.03.2018]   Stevie Nicks   "Edge Of Seventeen"

[19.03.2018]   Lou Reed   "Doin' The Things That We Want To"

[18.03.2018]   Mötley Crüe   "Shout At The Devil"

[17.03.2018]   Heisskalt   "Alles gut"

[16.03.2018]   Tacocat   "Dana Katherine Scully"

[15.03.2018]   P.s. Eliot   "Incoherent Love Songs"

[14.03.2018]   Potty Mouth   "The Spins"

[13.03.2018]   Sincere Engineer   "Let You Down"

[12.03.2018]   Cayetana   "Black Hills"

[11.03.2018]   Hop Along   "The Knock"

[10.03.2018]   The Velvet Underground   "Rock & Roll"

[09.03.2018]   Sebadoh   "Flame"

[08.03.2018]   Japandroids   "Fire's Highway"

[07.03.2018]   Marmozets   "Lost In Translation"

[06.03.2018]   Lemuria   "Wise People"

[05.03.2018]   The Cure   "Friday I'm In Love"

[04.03.2018]   Hop Along   "Waitress"

[03.03.2018]   Sincere Engineer   "1K Rats"

[02.03.2018]   Ratboys   "Light Pollution"

[01.03.2018]   The Jam   "In The City"

[28.02.2018]   Daddy Issues   "Boys Of Summer"

[27.02.2018]   Heatmiser   "Get Lucky"

[26.02.2018]   Bully   "Kills To Be Resistant"

[25.02.2018]   Tacocat   "Talk"

[24.02.2018]   Ex Hex   "Radio On"

[23.02.2018]   Blowout   "Cent Cent Money Money"

[22.02.2018]   little hurricane   "Grand Canyon"

[21.02.2018]   The Breeders   "Oh!"

[20.02.2018]   be yur own PET   "Black Hole"

[19.02.2018]   Los Campesinos!   "You! Me! Dancing!"

[18.02.2018]   Sonic Youth   "Teen Age Riot"

[17.02.2018]   The Stone Foxes   "Cotto"

[16.02.2018]   Black Pistol Fire   "Bad Blood"

[15.02.2018]   Black Pistol Fire   "Hipster Shakes"

[14.02.2018]   Sugar   "A Good Idea"

[13.02.2018]   The White Stripes   "Ball And Biscuit"

[12.02.2018]   Drive Like Jehu   "Human Interest"

[11.02.2018]   The Smashing Pumpkins   "Quietly"

[10.02.2018]   Adventures   "Heavenly"

[09.02.2018]   Cloud Nothings   "Enter Entirely"

[08.02.2018]   Schrottgrenze   "Belladonna"

[07.02.2018]   Swiss & Die Anderen   "Perfekte Imperfektion"

[06.02.2018]   Tomte   "Reality TV"

[05.02.2018]   Pearl Jam   "Even Flow"

[04.02.2018]   ClickClickDecker   "Händedruck am Wendepunkt"

[03.02.2018]   Kettcar   "Stockhausen, Bill Gates und ich"

[02.02.2018]   Tocotronic   "Ich bin viel zu lange mit euch mitgegangen"

[01.02.2018]   Turbostaat   "Die Tricks der Verlierer"

[31.01.2018]   Spin Doctors   "Two Princes"

[30.01.2018]   Die höchste Eisenbahn   "Lisbeth"

[29.01.2018]   Gisbert zu Knyphausen   "Keine Zeit zu verlieren"

[28.01.2018]   Heisskalt   "Nacht ein"

[27.01.2018]   Gisbert zu Knyphausen   "So seltsam durch die Nacht"

[26.01.2018]   Gisbert zu Knyphausen   "Erwischt"

[25.01.2018]   Kettcar   "Landungsbrücken raus"

[24.01.2018]   Kettcar   "Balkon gegenüber"

[23.01.2018]   Marathonmann   "Die Stadt gehört den Besten"

[22.01.2018]   Heisskalt   "Alles gut"

[21.01.2018]   Diet Cig   "Link In Bio"

[20.01.2018]   Wohlstandskinder   "Jungen weinen nicht"

[19.01.2018]   Pixies   "Broken Face"

[18.01.2018]   Bully   "Feel The Same"

[17.01.2018]   Tagtraum   "Backe auf Beton"

[16.01.2018]   Tagtraum   "So ein Leben"

[15.01.2018]   Tagtraum   "Lieblingstape"

[14.01.2018]   Gisbert zu Knyphausen   "Sommertag"

[13.01.2018]   Screaming Females   "Triumph"

[12.01.2018]   Death Cab For Cutie   "This Charming Man"

[11.01.2018]   Jupiter Jones   "Kopf hoch und Arsch in den Sattel"

[10.01.2018]   Big Eyes   "Nothing You Could Say"

[09.01.2018]   Placebo   "Nancy Boy"

[08.01.2018]   Honeyblood   "Fall Forever"

[07.01.2018]   Electric Six   "I Buy The Drugs"

[06.01.2018]   Wavves / Cloud Nothings   "Come Down"

[05.01.2018]   Weatherbox   "Pagan Baby"

[04.01.2018]   BRONCHO   "It's On"

[03.01.2018]   Latterman   "My Beadroom Is Like For Artists"

[02.01.2018]   Pixies   "Bone Maschine"

[01.01.2018]   Lemuria   "Hours"

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