Leben/Meinung / Sound Of The Day (2016)

[31.12.2016]   Big Thief   "Masterpiece"

[30.12.2016]   Nirvana   "Drain You"

[29.12.2016]   Pearl Jam   "Alive"

[28.12.2016]   Summer Cannibals   "Simple Life"

[27.12.2016]   Radiohead   "High And Dry"

[26.12.2016]   Margaret Glaspy   "You And I"

[25.12.2016]   Winter   "All The Things You Do"

[24.12.2016]   Beatles   "Let It Be"

[23.12.2016]    Skating Polly   "Pretective Boy"

[22.12.2016]   Tom Petty   "Free Fallin'"

[21.12.2016]   Hands Off Gretel   "Oh Shit"

[20.12.2016]   Ton Steine Scherben   "Wir müssen hier raus"

[19.12.2016]   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club   "Ain't No Easy Way"

[18.12.2016]   Blood Red Shoes   "Light It Up"

[17.12.2016]   Deap Vally   "Teenage Queen"

[16.12.2016]   Go Betty Go   "Son Mis Locuras"

[15.12.2016]   Gabrielle Shonk   "Habit"

[14.12.2016]   Flogging Molly   "Salty Dog"

[13.12.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Respect"

[12.12.2016]   Bad Religion   "No Control"

[11.12.2016]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Can't Stop"

[10.12.2016]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Coffee Shop"

[09.12.2016]   Deap Vally   "Your Love"

[08.12.2016]   Kasabian   "Underdog"

[07.12.2016]   Hurry   "Nothing To Say"

[06.12.2016]   Martha   "So Nothing"

[05.12.2016]   Bloods   "Bring My Walls Down"

[04.12.2016]   Gurr   "Free"

[03.12.2016]   Margaret Glaspy   "Love Like This"

[02.12.2016]   Slow Club   "Tears Of Joy"

[01.12.2016]   Blood Ceremony   "Old Fires"

[30.11.2016]   The FitzaFrenic   "Fancy Dress"

[29.11.2016]   Courtney Barnett   "Pedestrian At Best"

[28.11.2016]   Margaret Glaspy   "You And I"

[27.11.2016]   Angel Olsen   "Never Be Mine"

[26.11.2016]   Wolf Alice   "I Saw You"

[25.11.2016]   Green Day   "Basket Case"

[24.11.2016]   The Beatles   "Here Comes The Sun"

[23.11.2016]   Deap Vally   "Walk Of Shame"

[22.11.2016]   The Beatles   "Twist And Shout"

[21.11.2016]   Esmé Patterson   "Feel Right"

[20.11.2016]   Lucy Dacus   "You Don't Know Me / Troublemaker Doppelgänger"

[19.11.2016]   Winter   "You Don't Know Me"

[18.11.2016]   Field Mouse   "Half-Life"

[17.11.2016]   Zuzu   "Get Off"

[16.11.2016]   Big Thief   "Masterpiece"

[15.11.2016]   Esmé Patterson   "Light Of Day"

[14.11.2016]   Pascow   "Merkeljugend"

[13.11.2016]   The Kills   "Good Night Bad Morning"

[12.11.2016]   Great Cynics   "In My Head"

[11.11.2016]   Esmé Patterson   "Moth Song"

[10.11.2016]   Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds   "Catch Me If You Can"

[09.11.2016]   Smashing Pumpkins   "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"

[08.11.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Moaning Lisa Smile"

[07.11.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Lisbon"

[06.11.2016]   Seratones   "Necromancer"

[05.11.2016]   Banner Pilot   "Overwinter"

[04.11.2016]   The Real McKenzies   "Up On A Motorbike"

[03.11.2016]   Lithuania   "Hardcore Friends"

[02.11.2016]   Big Thief   "Masterpiece"

[01.11.2016]   Cayetana   "Black Hills"

[31.10.2016]   Seratones   "Get Gone"

[30.10.2016]   Seratones   "Don't Need It"

[29.10.2016]   Deap Vally   "Your Love"

[28.10.2016]   Deap Vally   "Walk Of Shame"

[27.10.2016]   Zuzu   "Get Off"

[26.10.2016]   Deap Vally   "Smile More"

[25.10.2016]   The Hellacopters   "Everythings On TV"

[24.10.2016]   The Police   "So Lonely"

[23.10.2016]   Bad Cop, Bad Cop   "Like, Seriously"

[22.10.2016]   Incubus   "Anna Molly"

[21.10.2016]   Muncy Girls   "Respect"

[20.10.2016]   The Dandy Warhols   "Bohemian Like You"

[19.10.2016]   Everlast   "What It's Like"

[18.10.2016]   Cheap Trick   "I Want You To Want Me"

[17.10.2016]   Cheap Trick   "I Want You To Want Me"

[16.10.2016]   Bleached   "Sleepwalking"

[15.10.2016]   The Sensitives   "Kick A Hole In The Sky"

[14.10.2016]   Nirvana   "Come As You Are"

[13.10.2016]   Kraftklub   "Randale"

[12.10.2016]   Tom Odell   "Long Way Down"

[11.10.2016]   Merle Travis   "Sixteen Tons"

[10.10.2016]   Janis Joplin   "Piece Of My Heart"

[09.10.2016]   Beatles   "Come Together"

[08.10.2016]   Hands Of Gretel   "Little Man"

[07.10.2016]   Bush   "Machinehead"

[06.10.2016]   Betty Who   "Silas"

[05.10.2016]   Beatsteaks   "To Be Strong"

[04.10.2016]   Doe   "Corin"

[03.10.2016]   All Dogs   "That Kind Of Girl"

[02.10.2016]   Petal   "Tommy"

[01.10.2016]   Camp Cope   "Lost"

[30.09.2016]   Hop Along   "Happy To See Me"

[29.09.2016]   Creedence Clearwater Revival   "Fortunate Son"

[28.09.2016]   Bikini Kill   "Rebel Girl"

[27.09.2016]   Slow Club   "Never Look Back"

[26.09.2016]   Skating Polly   "Pretective Boy"

[25.09.2016]   The Sensitives   "Dogs On The Run"

[24.09.2016]   The Sensitives   "Weird Things Happens At Night"

[23.09.2016]   The Sensitives   "Old Fashioned Fuck Off"

[22.09.2016]   Skating Polly   "Lily"

[21.09.2016]   Big Thief   "Masterpiece"

[20.09.2016]   Deap Vally   "Critic"

[19.09.2016]   La Luz   "You Disappear"

[18.09.2016]   Bush   "Clycerine"

[17.09.2016]   Spin Doctors   "Two Princes"

[16.09.2016]   Skating Polly   "Pretective Boy"

[15.09.2016]   Doe   "Corin"

[14.09.2016]   Skating Polly   "Van Gogh"

[13.09.2016]   Feine Sahne Fischfilet   "Solange es brennt"

[12.09.2016]   The Spencer Davis Group   "Keep On Running"

[11.09.2016]   Doe   "Julia Survived"

[10.09.2016]   Siv Jakobsen   "Dark"

[09.09.2016]   Bratmobile   "Gimme Brains"

[08.09.2016]   Kasabian   "Underdog"

[07.09.2016]   Knapsack   "Katherine The Grateful"

[06.09.2016]   Doe   "Let Me In"

[05.09.2016]   Sam Russo   "Runaways"

[04.09.2016]   The Bouncing Souls   "Lean On Sheena"

[03.09.2016]   Kurt Cobain   "Letters To Frances"

[02.09.2016]   Van Morrison   "Crazy Love"

[01.09.2016]   The Baboon Show   "Damnation"

[31.08.2016]   Letdown   "Placement"

[30.08.2016]   Pearl Jam   "Alive"

[29.08.2016]   No Doubt   "Just A Girl"

[28.08.2016]   Collective Soul   "Shine"

[27.08.2016]   Hanson   "MMMBop"

[26.08.2016]   SR-71   "Right Now"

[25.08.2016]   Puddle Of Mudd   "Basement"

[24.08.2016]   Upset   "Glass Ceiling"

[23.08.2016]   Don't   "Ghost On The Highway"

[22.08.2016]   Lauren Tate   "The Black"

[21.08.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Wicked Game"

[20.08.2016]   Kings Of Leon   "Supersoaker"

[19.08.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Bros"

[18.08.2016]   Kasabian   "Underdog"

[17.08.2016]   The Cardigans   "Kiss Me"

[16.08.2016]   The Cure   "Just Like Heaven"

[15.08.2016]   Hole   "Violet"

[14.08.2016]   Bill Withers   "Lean On Me"

[13.08.2016]   The Distillers   "City Of Angels"

[12.08.2016]   Hole   "Doll Parts"

[11.08.2016]   Sonic Youth   "Kool Thing"

[10.08.2016]   Jack White   "Sixteen Saltines"

[09.08.2016]   The Interupters   "She Got Arrested"

[08.08.2016]   Joyride!   "City Slicker"

[07.08.2016]   Bully   "Reason"

[06.08.2016]   Doe   "Julia Survived"

[05.08.2016]   GRMLN   "Teenage Rhythm"

[04.08.2016]   Martha   "Goldman's Detective Agency"

[03.08.2016]   Great Cynics   "Waster"

[02.08.2016]   Personal Best   "This Time Next Year"

[01.08.2016]   Bleached   "Wednesday Night Melody"

[31.07.2016]   Mad Caddies   "Love Myself"

[30.07.2016]   The Interupters   "White Noise"

[29.07.2016]   Feine Sahne Fischfilet   "Geschichten aus Jarmen"

[28.07.2016]   Pascow   "Herz"

[27.07.2016]   Pascow   "Das ist Gimbweiler, nicht L.A."

[26.07.2016]   The Bonnevilles   "We're Just The Right Distance From The Sun"

[25.07.2016]   Bill Haley   "Rock Around The Clock"

[24.07.2016]   B. E. King   "Stand By Me"

[23.07.2016]   Muncie Girls   "The Teacher"

[22.07.2016]   Great Cynics   "Want You Around"

[21.07.2016]   Goldfinger   "Superman"

[20.07.2016]   Iron Maiden   "Run To The Hills"

[19.07.2016]   Agnostic Front   "Gotta Go"

[18.07.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Feel It Soon"

[17.07.2016]   Refused   "New Noises"

[16.07.2016]   The Runaways   "Cherry Bomb"

[15.07.2016]   The Rolling Stones   "Satisfaction"

[14.07.2016]   Hole   "Reasons To Be Beautiful"

[13.07.2016]   The Distillers   "City Of Angels"

[12.07.2016]   Flogging Molly   "Drunken Lullabies"

[11.07.2016]   Donots   "Whatever Happened To The 80s"

[10.07.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Revolution Summer"

[09.07.2016]   Slow Club   "Hackney Marsh"

[08.07.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Learn In School"

[07.07.2016]   Feine Sahne Fischfilet   "Glitzer im Gesicht"

[06.07.2016]   Jet   "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"

[05.07.2016]   The Hellfreaks   "Last Nail"

[04.07.2016]   Bad Drugs   "I Don't Care"

[03.07.2016]   Green Day   "Long View"

[02.07.2016]   Anti Flag   "Drink Drank Punk"

[01.07.2016]   Slow Club   "The Pieces"

[30.06.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Nervous"

[29.06.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Music Forever"

[28.06.2016]   Hands Off Gretel   "Be Mine"

[27.06.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Respect"

[26.06.2016]   Great Cynics   "I Went Swimming"

[25.06.2016]   Bruce Springsteen   "Radio Nowhere"

[24.06.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Feel It Soon"

[23.06.2016]   Billy Idol   "White Wedding"

[22.06.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Revolution Summer"

[21.06.2016]   Muncie Girls   "Social Side"

[20.06.2016]   The FitzaFrenic   "Sneaky"

[19.06.2016]   The Ataris   "Boys Of Summer"

[18.06.2016]   Of Monsters And Men   "Dirty Paws"

[17.06.2016]   Blues Pills   "Devil Man"

[16.06.2016]   The Faces   "I'm Loosing You"

[15.06.2016]   Massenger   "Fula Colonese"

[14.06.2016]   The Black Keys   "I Got Mine"

[13.06.2016]   Puddle Of Mudd   "Control"

[12.06.2016]   Loverboy  "You Me At Six"

[11.06.2016]   My Morning Jacket  "I'm Amazed"

[10.06.2016]   B.E. King   "Stand By Me"

[09.06.2016]   Black Pistol Fire   "Suffocation Blues "

[08.06.2016]   Nirvana   "Puss"

[07.06.2016]   Nike Straker   "Walk In The Park"

[06.06.2016]   Midnight Oil   "Blue Sky Mine"

[05.06.2016]   Aerosmith   "Eat The Rich"

[04.06.2016]   The Fratellis   "Chalsea Dagger"

[03.06.2016]   Tess Parks   "Gates Of Broadway"

[02.06.2016]   Radio Head   "My Iron Lung"

[01.06.2016]   Patti Smith   "Ghost Dance"

[31.05.2016]   Pascow   "Irgendein Film"

[30.05.2016]   Of Monsters And Men   "Slow Life"

[29.05.2016]   AnnanMayKantereit   "Neues Zimmer"

[28.05.2016]   Lola Marsh   "Stranger To My Past"

[27.05.2016]   Slow Club   "If We're Still Alive"

[26.05.2016]   Lola Marsh   "Stranger To My Past"

[25.05.2016]   Bob Dylan   "Make You Feel My Love"

[24.05.2016]   Bosse   "Highspeed"

[23.05.2016]   Slow Club   "Tears Of Joy"

[22.05.2016]   Slow Club   "Never Look Back"

[21.05.2016]   The Baboon Show   "The History"

[20.05.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Fluffy"

[19.05.2016]   The Breeders   "Canonball"

[18.05.2016]   Slow Club   "It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful"

[17.05.2016]   The Kills   "Good Night Bad Morning"

[16.05.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Freazy"

[15.05.2016]   Wolf Alice   "90 Mile Beach"

[14.05.2016]   The FitzaFrenic   "Full Moon Party"

[13.05.2016]   Crucified Barbara   "Hide 'Em All"

[12.05.2016]   The Kills   "Fried My Little Brains"

[11.05.2016]   At The Drive-In   "Cosmonaut"

[10.05.2016]   Wolf Alice   "She"

[09.05.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Moaning Lisa Smile"

[08.05.2016]   The Black Keys   "All You Ever Wanted"

[07.05.2016]   Airbourne   "Hellfire"

[06.05.2016]   Die Sterne   "Risikobiographie"

[05.05.2016]   Tagtraum   "Lieblingstape"

[04.05.2016]   Tocotronic   "Letztes Jahr im Sommer"

[03.05.2016]   Turbostaat   "Eisenmann"

[02.05.2016]   Ulme   "Doll"

[01.05.2016]   Lauren Tate   "Trapped In My Skin"

[30.04.2016]   Hands Off Gretel   "Be Mine"

[29.04.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Fluffy"

[28.04.2016]   4 Non Blondes   "What's Up"

[27.04.2016]   Don't   "Could Never Be The Same"

[26.04.2016]   Pearl Jam   "No Way"

[25.04.2016]   Radiohead   "I Might Be Wrong"

[24.04.2016]   L7   "Moonshine"

[23.04.2016]   The Kills   "Cat Claw"

[22.04.2016]   Amy Winehouse   "Back To Black"

[21.04.2016]   14tägig anders   "10 Minuten"

[20.04.2016]   Bosse   "Novemberregen"

[19.04.2016]   The Zutons   "What's Your Problem"

[18.04.2016]   Sons And Daughters   "House In My Head"

[17.04.2016]   Victori4   "Nobody Said"

[16.04.2016]   Wanda Jackson   "Rock You Baby"

[15.04.2016]   Viza   "Keyhole"

[14.04.2016]   Violent Femmes   "Kiss Off"

[13.04.2016]   Violent Femmes   "Add It Up"

[12.04.2016]   Utopians   "Nada bueno"

[11.04.2016]   Van Halen   "Dreams"

[10.04.2016]   Jefferson Airplane   "Martha"

[09.04.2016]   Die Sterne   "Fickt das System"

[08.04.2016]   AnnenMayKantereit   "Oft gefragt"

[07.04.2016]   Gisbert zu Knyphausen   "Verschwende deine Zeit"

[06.04.2016]   Backyard Babies   "Voodoo Love Bow"

[05.04.2016]   14tägig anders   "Diese vier"

[04.04.2016]   Airbourne   "Hellfire"

[03.04.2016]   Audioslave   "Man Or Animal"

[02.04.2016]   Tagtraum   "Stille"

[01.04.2016]   Tagtraum   "Balsam"

[31.03.2016]   Tagtraum   "Analog am Stück"

[30.03.2016]   The Stooges   "No Right"

[29.03.2016]   Social Distortion   "Diamont In The Rough"

[28.03.2016]   Sonic Youth   "No Way"

[27.03.2016]   Schrottgrenze   "Belladonna"

[26.03.2016]   Radiohead   "Just"

[25.03.2016]   Rage Against The Maschine   "Kick Out The Jams"

[24.03.2016]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Naked In The Rain"

[23.03.2016]   The Hold Steady   "Stuck Between Stations"

[22.03.2016]   Idle Class   "Johnny B"

[21.03.2016]   Incubus   "Are You In"

[20.03.2016]   The Kills   "DNA"

[19.03.2016]   Love A   "Nutzlos glücklich"

[18.03.2016]   Kitty, Daisy & Lewis   "Going Up The Country"

[17.03.2016]   Incubus   "Anna Molly"

[16.03.2016]   The Ataris   "Boys Of Summer"

[15.03.2016]   Muse   "Panic Station"

[14.03.2016]   The Bonnevilles   "Hell"

[13.03.2016]   Green Day   "American Idiot"

[12.03.2016]   Queen   "Fat Bottomed Girls"

[11.03.2016]   Deep Purple   "Hell To Pay"

[10.03.2016]   Safi   "Die"

[09.03.2016]   The Kills   "Black Balloon"

[08.03.2016]   Great Cynics   "I Feel Weird"

[07.03.2016]   She-Male Trouble   "2nd Hand Life"

[06.03.2016]   Jaya The Cat   "Rebel Sound"

[05.03.2016]   Simon & Garfunkel   "Mrs. Robinson"

[04.03.2016]   She-Male Trouble   "Time Runs Fast"

[03.03.2016]   She-Male Trouble   "2nd Hand Life"

[02.03.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Giant Peach"

[01.03.2016]   Nirvana   "Bleed"

[29.02.2016]   Mother Falcon   "Dirty Summer"

[28.02.2016]   Tess Parks   "When I Am Young"

[27.02.2016]   Black Market Karma   "March"

[26.02.2016]   Soko   "For Marlon"

[25.02.2016]   The Underground Youth   "Mademoiselle"

[24.02.2016]   Sum 41   "Still Waiting"

[23.02.2016]   The Lumineers   "Stubborn Love"

[22.02.2016]   Babyshambles   "32nd Of December"

[21.02.2016]   The Libertines   "Don't Look Back Into The Sun"

[20.02.2016]   The Fratellis   "Chelsea Dagger"

[19.02.2016]   Of Monsters And Men   "Little Talks"

[18.02.2016]   Of Monsters And Men   "Dirty Paws"

[17.02.2016]   The Districts   "Long Distance"

[16.02.2016]   Bon Iver   "Skinny Love"

[15.02.2016]   The Lumineers   "Ho Hey"

[14.02.2016]   Band Of Skulls   "Cold Fame"

[13.02.2016]   OMD   "Walking On The Milky Way"

[12.02.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Fluffy"

[11.02.2016]   Senore Matze Rossi   "In Armen"

[10.02.2016]   Honig   "This Old House"

[09.02.2016]   Great Cynics   "Want You Around"

[08.02.2016]   Juliette & The Licks   "Long Road Out Of Here"

[07.02.2016]   Pink Floyd   "Stop"

[06.02.2016]   Love A   "Individuell"

[05.02.2016]   Kraftklub   "Randale"

[04.02.2016]   Great Cynics   "Want You Around"

[03.02.2016]   Philipp Poisel   "Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen"

[02.02.2016]   Radiohead   "Paperbag Writer"

[01.02.2016]   Pascow   "Im Raumanzug"

[31.01.2016]   Wolf Alice   "You're A Germ"

[30.01.2016]   The FitzaFrenic   "Fancy Dress"

[29.01.2016]   Spencer Davis Group   "Keep On Running"

[28.01.2016]   The Breeders   "Cannonball"

[27.01.2016]   Wolf Alice   "Lisbon"

[26.01.2016]   Katzenstreik   "Move"

[25.01.2016]   Felicity Died Laughing   "Scratches"

[24.01.2016]   Stereophonics   "Deadhead"

[23.01.2016]   Felicity Died Laughing   "In For A Kiss"

[22.01.2016]   Lady Ann   "Von 5 bis 21"

[21.01.2016]   The Proclaimers   "I'm Gonna Be"

[20.01.2016]   Cheap Trick   "I Want You To Want Me"

[19.01.2016]   The Hellacopters   "Everything's On TV"

[18.01.2016]   Melissa Etheridge   "Bring Me Some Water"

[17.01.2016]   Radiohead   "Paranoid Android"

[16.01.2016]   The Pinstripes   "Devil Lou"

[15.01.2016]   Pearl Jam   "Yellow Ledbetter"

[14.01.2016]   Cats On Fire   "Tears In Your Cup"

[13.01.2016]   She-Male Trouble   "Killing Keepin' Her Alive"

[12.01.2016]   Connor Questa   "Respect"

[11.01.2016]   Green Day   "Basket Case"

[10.01.2016]   Gillespie   "Anisa"

[09.01.2016]   The Dandy Warhols   "Bohemian Like You"

[08.01.2016]   AnnenMayKantereit   "Oft gefragt"

[07.01.2016]   Everlast   "What It's Like"

[06.01.2016]   Courtney Barnett   "Avant Gardener"

[05.01.2016]   Courtney Barnett   "History Eraser"

[04.01.2016]   Courtney Barnett   "Avant Gardener"

[03.01.2016]   The Wood Brothers   "Luckiest Man"

[02.01.2016]   Lemonheads   "Into Your Arms"

[01.01.2016]   Led Zeppelin   "Ramble On"

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