Leben/Meinung / Sound Of The Day (2014)

[31.12.2014]   Babyshambles   "32nd Of December"

[30.12.2014]   Mumford And Sons   "Sign No More"

[29.12.2014]   Farkus   "Uninvited To Life"

[28.12.2014]   Oasis   "Cigarettes And Alcohol"

[27.12.2014]   The Hooters   "Johny B."

[26.12.2014]   Foo Fighters   "Best Of You"

[25.12.2014]   Joan Osbourne   "One Of Us"

[24.12.2014]   Pearl Jam   "Alive"

[23.12.2014]   AC/DC   "Night Train"

[22.12.2014]   Cynthia Nickschas   "Generation Blöd"

[21.12.2014]   The Beatles   "Come Together"

[20.12.2014]   The Colts   "Touch Me"

[19.12.2014]   Band Of Skulls   "Get Yourself Together"

[18.12.2014]   Led Zeppelin   "Dancing Days"

[17.12.2014]   The Who   "Teenage Wasteland"

[16.12.2014]   The Crawls   "It Didn't Matter"

[15.12.2014]   The Smashing Pumpkins   "Tarantula"

[14.12.2014]   Audioslave   "Dandelion"

[13.12.2014]   Cat Stevens   "Father And Son"

[12.12.2014]   Gillespie   "Steve McQueen"

[11.12.2014]   Mumford & Sons   "Dust Bowl Dance"

[10.12.2014]   Jochen Leuf und Band   "Free Falling"

[09.12.2014]   Die Sterne  "Bis Neun bist du O.K."

[08.12.2014]   ZAZ   "Port Coton"

[07.12.2014]   Cynthia Nickschas   "Positive Gedanken"

[06.12.2014]   Senore Matze Rossi   "Unendlich"

[05.12.2014]   Beatsteaks   "Summer"

[04.12.2014]   Static-X   "Cold"

[03.12.2014]   Tagtraum   "Mein Glück"

[02.12.2014]   Beatsteaks   "A-Way"

[01.12.2014]   Great Cynics   "Younger Than Everyone"

[30.11.2014]   Pascow   "KO Computer"

[29.11.2014]   Spinnerette   "Impaler"

[28.11.2014]   The Black Keys   "Elevator"

[27.11.2014]   Tagtraum   "Mein Glück"

[26.11.2014]   Nirvana   "Come As You Are"

[25.11.2014]   Murder Dolls   "Crash Crash"

[24.11.2014]   Ton Steine Scherben   "Wir müssen hier raus"

[23.11.2014]   Ton Steine Scherben   "Wir müssen hier raus"

[22.11.2014]   Johnny Cash   "Hey Good Lookin'"

[21.11.2014]   Jaya The Cat   "Here Come The Drums"

[20.11.2014]   Great Cynics   "Twenty Five"

[19.11.2014]   Le Chat Noir   "On The Run"

[18.11.2014]   Great Cynics   "Way Down"

[17.11.2014]   Pascow   "Unten am Fluss"

[16.11.2014]   Pascow   "Hamburg"

[15.11.2014]   Nirvana   "Downer"

[14.11.2014]   Nirvana   "Pennyroyal Tea"

[13.11.2014]   The Troggs   "With A Girl Like You"

[12.11.2014]   Cynthia Nickschas   "Positive Gedanken"

[11.11.2014]   Pascow   "Briefe an Patti Smith"

[10.11.2014]   Johnny Cash   "Hurt"

[09.11.2014]   Joyce Manor   "Heart Tattoo"

[08.11.2014]   Cynthia Nickschas   "Gold glänzt nicht"

[07.11.2014]   Great Cynics   "In My Head"

[06.11.2014]   Pascow   "Low Profile Job"

[05.11.2014]   Turbostaat   "Pestperle"

[04.11.2014]   Blood Red Shoes   "Try Harder"

[03.11.2014]   Duesenjaeger   "Stadt, hau ab!"

[02.11.2014]   The Black Keys   "Yearnin"

[01.11.2014]   Nirvana   "Aneurysm"

[31.10.2014]   Olli Schulz und der Hund Marie   "Dann schlägt dein Herz"

[30.10.2014]   Le Chat Noir   "What Became Of Johnny"

[29.10.2014]   Pascow   "Zuviel für Berlin"

[28.10.2014]   The Duke Spirit   "Wooden Heart"

[27.10.2014]   The Kills   "Pull A U"

[26.10.2014]   The Kills   "Fried My Little Brains"

[25.10.2014]   Pascow   "Wir glauben an gar nichts und sich nur hier wegen der Gewalt"

[24.10.2014]   Love A   "Entweder"

[23.10.2014]   Nirvana   "Territorial Pissings"

[22.10.2014]   Dio   "Holy Diver"

[21.10.2014]   Pearl Jam   "Alive"

[20.10.2014]   Sniff'n'The Tears   "Driver's Seat"

[19.10.2014]   Pascow   "Herz"

[18.10.2014]   Wolfmother   "Apple Tree"

[17.10.2014]   The Raconteurs   "Together"

[16.10.2014]   Ich und mein Tiger   "Talsperre"

[15.10.2014]   Tagtraum   "So ein Leben"

[14.10.2014]   Lemonheads   "Mrs. Robinson"

[13.10.2014]   Dead Sara   "Test On My Patience"

[12.10.2014]   Dead Sara   "Weatherman"

[11.10.2014]   Honig   "For Those Lost At Sea"

[10.10.2014]   John Frusciante   "Dissolve"

[09.10.2014]   The Kills   "Monkey 23"

[08.10.2014]   The Blood Arm   "Suspicious Character"

[07.10.2014]   At The Drive In   "Cosmonaut"

[06.10.2014]   The Mars Volta   "Son Et Lumiere"

[05.10.2014]   Wolfmother   "Joker And The Thief"

[04.10.2014]   Band Of Skulls   "Sweet Sour"

[03.10.2014]   Nine Inch Nails   "Getting Smaller"

[02.10.2014]   Freiburg   "Er und die Meute"

[01.10.2014]   Duesenjaeger   "Loch im Bauch"

[30.09.2014]   Rage Against The Maschine   "Sleep Now In The Fire"

[29.09.2014]   Supermutant   "Lichterloh"

[28.09.2014]   Radiohead   "Creep"

[27.09.2014]   Rage Against The Maschine   "Killing In The Name Of"

[26.09.2014]   Radiohead   "Bulletproof"

[25.09.2014]   Jefferson Airplane   "White Rabbit"

[24.09.2014]   Pascow   "Trampen nach Norden"

[23.09.2014]   Turbostaat   "Prima Wetter"

[22.09.2014]   Pascow   "Briefe an Patti Smith"

[23.09.2014]   Bryan Adams   "Summer Of '69"

[22.09.2014]   Pascow   "Too Doof Too Fuck"

[21.09.2014]   Love A   "Nachbarn"

[20.09.2014]   Turbostaat   "Cpt. Käse"

[19.09.2014]   Turbostaat   "Fresendelf"

[18.09.2014]   Love A   "Windmühlen"

[17.09.2014]   Pascow   "Wenn Mila schläft"

[16.09.2014]   Pascow   "Wenn Mila schläft"

[15.09.2014]   Turbostaat   "Tut es doch weh"

[14.09.2014]   Pascow   "Trampen nach Norden"

[13.09.2014]   Turbostaat   "Harm Rochel"

[12.09.2014]   Eagles Of Death Metal   "Solid Gold"

[11.09.2014]   Patty Smith   "Ghost Dance"

[10.09.2014]   Cardigans   "Kiss Me"

[09.09.2014]   Canned Heat   "Dust My Broom"

[08.09.2014]   Backyard Babies   "Minus Celcius"

[07.09.2014]   Honig   "This Old House"

[06.09.2014]   The Beatles   "Don't Let Me Down"

[05.09.2014]   Aberfeldy   "Summer's Gone"

[04.09.2014]   B. E. King   "Stand By Me"

[03.09.2014]   Backyard Babies   "One Sound"

[02.09.2014]   Backyard Babies   "Brand New Hate"

[01.09.2014]   Pixies   "Debaser"

[31.08.2014]   Katzenstreik   "Fire"

[30.08.2014]   Violent Femmes   "Add It Up"

[29.08.2014]   Metallica   "Master Of Puppets"

[28.08.2014]   Weezer   "Island In The Sun"

[27.08.2014]   Hot Water Music   "Poison"

[26.08.2014]   Backyard Babies   "Powderhead"

[25.08.2014]   Dead Sara   "Test On My Patience"

[24.08.2014]   Pontiak   "Part 3"

[23.08.2014]   Jimi Hendrix   "All Along the Watchtower"

[22.08.2014]   Oasis   "Wonderwall"

[21.08.2014]   Blur   "Parklife"

[20.08.2014]   Click Click Decker   "Mit Ohne"

[19.08.2014]   Deep Purple   "Woman From Tokyo"

[18.08.2014]   Dead Sara   "Lemon Scent"

[17.08.2014]   Reignwolf   "Dead Of Night"

[16.08.2014]   Band Of Skulls   "Cold Fame"

[15.08.2014]   Bosse   "Seemannsblau"

[14.08.2014]   Radiohead   "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors"

[13.08.2014]   Eimog   "Saved By Thirteen"

[12.08.2014]   Star-Crossed Lovers   "Sixty-Seven Stations"

[11.08.2014]   Paskow   "Merkel-Jugend"

[10.08.2014]   Bad Drugs   "Close To Death"

[09.08.2014]   Falling Blind   "Cupid Kills"

[08.08.2014]   Beatsteaks   "Summer"

[07.08.2014]   Sheryl Crow   "Steve McQueen"

[06.08.2014]   Backyard Babies   "Drool"

[05.08.2014]   Mike Oldfield   "Moonlighth Shadow"

[04.08.2014]   The Colts   "Magic Woman"

[03.08.2014]   Mike Oldfield   "The Ship"

[02.08.2014]   Fury In The Slaughterhouse   "Last Time"

[01.08.2014]   Crash Test Dummies   "Mmm Mmm Mmmm Mmm"

[31.07.2014]   Star-Crossed Lovers   "Galaxy Audio"

[30.07.2014]   Spinnerette   "Bury My Heart"

[29.07.2014]   Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Can't Stop"

[28.07.2014]   Laura Cox   "Morning Road"

[27.07.2014]   Sick Puppies   "All The Same"

[26.07.2014]   Nirvana   "Heart Shaped Box"

[25.07.2014]   Avenged Sevenfold   "Seize The Day"

[24.07.2014]   Eilidh McKellar   "Hold Steady"

[23.07.2014]   Genevieve Chadwick   "Smell The Rain"

[22.07.2014]   Other Noises   "End Of The World"

[21.07.2014]   Marina Andrienko   "Backdown"

[20.07.2014]   Jochen Leuf und Band   "Free Falling"

[19.07.2014]   Iron Maiden   "The Educated Fool"

[18.07.2014]   The Reconteuers   "Together"

[17.07.2014]   The Donnas   "Save Me"

[16.07.2014]   Motörhead   "Killed By Death"

[15.07.2014]   The Reconteuers   "Rich Kid Blues"

[14.07.2014]   The Reconteuers   "Level"

[13.07.2014]   The Bandgeek Mafia   "Facelift"

[12.07.2014]   Spinnerette   "Impaler"

[11.07.2014]   Saint Lu   "You Know, You Know"

[10.07.2014]   Black Pistol Fire   "Hot Mess"

[09.07.2014]   Blur   "Song 2"

[08.07.2014]   Torpedohead   "Gasoline"

[07.07.2014]   Kaizers Orchestra   "Støv Og Sand"

[06.07.2014]   Placebo   "Bulletproof Cupid"

[05.07.2014]   Torpedohead   "Black Rain"

[04.07.2014]   Irish Rovers   "Drunken Sailor"

[03.07.2014]   Mad Caddies   "Backyard"

[02.07.2014]   Kings Of Leon   "Trani"

[01.07.2014]   Lila Source   "Speakup"

[30.06.2014]   Supertramp   "Logical Song"

[29.06.2014]   Tito & Tarantula   "Monsters"

[28.06.2014]   Black Pistol Fire   "Silent Blue"

[27.06.2014]   Birdy   "Wings"

[26.06.2014]   Dead Sara   "Test On My Patience"

[25.06.2014]   Crash Test Dummies   "Mmm Mmm Mmmm Mmm"

[24.06.2014]   The Offspring   "Self Esteem"

[23.06.2014]   Better Than Ezra   "King Of New Orleans"

[22.06.2014]   Free   "All Right Now"

[21.06.2014]   The Black Keys   "Little Black Submarines"

[20.06.2014]   Kings Of Leon   "Molly's Chamber"

[19.06.2014]   Gillespie   "E Di"

[18.06.2014]   Gillespie   "A Ka Me Te Mire"

[17.06.2014]   Brother Dege   "To Old To Die Young"

[16.06.2014]   Foo Fighters   "Wheels"

[15.06.2014]   Jefferson Airplane   "Run Around"

[14.06.2014]   Twisted Sister   "We're Not Gonna Take It"

[13.06.2014]   Gillespie   "Ku Je"

[12.06.2014]   Gillespie   "Steve McQueen"

[11.06.2014]   Best Coast   "I Don't Know How"

[10.06.2014]   The Rolling Stones   "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

[09.06.2014]   Best Coast   "Mean Girls"

[08.06.2014]   JAN   "Some Bite, Some Bitten"

[07.06.2014]   The Black Keys   "Gold on the Ceiling"

[06.06.2014]   Pink Floyd   "Us And Them"

[05.06.2014]   The Zutons   "How Does it feel"

[04.06.2014]   The FitzaFrenic   "Walk Tall"

[03.06.2014]   Ozzy Osbourne   "Bark At The Moon"

[02.06.2014]   Eilidh McKellar   "Summer"

[01.06.2014]   Icon Girl Pistols   "Cardboard Boxing"

[31.05.2014]   Tagtraum   "B19"

[30.05.2014]   The White Stripes   "300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues"

[29.05.2014]   Fleetwood Mac   "Need Your Love So Bad"

[28.05.2014]   Supermutant   "Geigen Auf Beton"

[27.05.2014]   Van Halen   "I'll Wait"

[26.05.2014]   Queen   "Show Must Go On"

[25.05.2014]   Jimi Hendrix   "Voodoo Child"

[24.05.2014]   Arctic Monkeys   "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

[23.05.2014]   AC/DC  "TNT"

[22.05.2014]   Sweet   "Ballroom Blitz"

[21.05.2014]   The Cure   "Lullaby"

[20.05.2014]   Van Halen   "Running With The Devil"

[19.05.2014]   Ton Steine Scherben   "Wir Müssen Hier Raus"

[18.05.2014]   Garbage   "I Think I'm Paranoid"

[17.05.2014]   Intergalactic Lovers   "Delay"

[16.05.2014]   Those Dancing Days   "Run Run"

[15.05.2014]   The Police   "Roxanne"

[14.05.2014]   The Doors   "Riders On The Storm"

[13.05.2014]   Tagtraum   "Buntstiftsüchtig"

[12.05.2014]   System Of A Down   "Sugar"

[11.05.2014]   The Beatles   "All You Need Is Love"

[10.05.2014]   Victori4   "I Know You Can"

[09.05.2014]   The Duke And The Gambler   "Hold On"

[08.04.2014]   Sam & The Inmates   "Blue"

[07.04.2014]   The Sidemen   "Astoria"

[06.04.2014]   Kitty Reed   "Love You, Leave You"

[05.04.2014]   Puddle Of Mudd   "Sydney"

[04.04.2014]   Other Noises   "Falling Down"

[03.04.2014]   Tagtraum   "Analog Am Stück"

[02.04.2014]   Spinnerette   "Impaler"

[01.04.2014]   Katzenstreik   "Fake"

[30.04.2014]   Airbourne   "Stand & Deliver"

[29.04.2014]   LessXMore   "Shy"

[28.04.2014]   The Rolling Stones   "Little Sister"

[27.04.2014]   Best Coast   "I Don't Know How"

[26.04.2014]   Santa Esmeralda   "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

[24.04.2014]   Nirvana   "Puss"

[23.04.2014]   Nike Straker   "Walk In The Park"

[22.04.2014]   Midnight Oil   "Blue Sky Mine"

[21.04.2014]   Nirvana   "Paper Cuts"

[20.04.2014]   The Champs   "Tequila"

[19.04.2014]   Guns'n'Roses   "Night Train"

[18.04.2014]   Eagle Eye Cherry   "Save Tonight"

[17.04.2014]   Bruce Springsteen   "Outlaw Pete"

[16.04.2014]   Clueso   "Geisterstadt"

[15.04.2014]   The Bonnevilles   "Good Suits and Fightin' Boots"

[14.04.2014]   Big John Bates   "Bangtown"

[13.04.2014]   Dead Sara   "Lemon Scent"

[12.04.2014]   Iggy Pop   "The Passenger"

[11.04.2014]   Patti Smith   "25th Floor"

[10.04.2014]   Motörhead   "Killed By Death"

[09.04.2014]   Keb' Mo'   "Rainmaker"

[08.04.2014]   Mad Sin   "Road To Ruin"

[07.04.2014]   Nine Inch Nails   "Head Like A Hole"

[06.04.2014]   Patti Smith   "Ghost Dance"

[05.04.2014]   Patti Smith   "Because The Night"

[05.04.2014]   Amanda Lee Peers & The Driftwood Sailors   "Pokey Jones"

[04.04.2014]   Black Pistol Fire   "Silent Blue"

[03.04.2014]   Alice Cooper   "School's Out"

[02.04.2014]   Dead Sara   "Weatherman"

[01.04.2014]   Foreigner   "Cold As Ice"

[31.03.2014]   Reignwolf  "In The Dark"

[30.03.2014]   Bad Religion  "Generator"

[29.03.2014]   Bad Religion  "Sorrow"

[28.03.2014]   Meat Loaf  "I'd Do Anything For Love"

[27.03.2014]   Eagle Eye Cherry  "Save Tonight"

[26.03.2014]   Guns'n'Roses  "Paradise City"

[25.03.2014]   Aerosmith  " I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"

[24.03.2014]   Metallica  "Fade To Black"

[23.03.2014]   Iron Maiden  "Fear Of The Dark"

[22.03.2014]   The Golden Era  "Echobox"

[21.03.2014]   Nils  "Change"

[20.03.2014]   My Morning Jacket  "I'm Amazed"

[19.03.2014]   The Dandy Warhols  "Bohemian Like You"

[18.03.2014]   Grumpus  "Boo Radley"

[17.03.2014]   The Jim Jones Revue  "Big Len"

[16.03.2014]   The Hellacopters  "Electrocute"

[15.03.2014]   Turbostaat  "Insel"

[14.03.2014]   Wolfmother  "Colossal"

[13.03.2014]   Queen  "Don't Stop Me Now"

[12.03.2014]   Kettcar  "Deiche"

[11.03.2014]   Train  "Hey Soul Sister"

[10.03.2014]   Mateallica  "Enter Sandman"

[09.03.2014]   Die Sterne  "Zucker"

[08.03.2014]   Henry Mancini  "Moon River"

[07.03.2014]   The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus  "Face Down"

[06.03.2014]   Muse  "New Born"

[05.03.2014]   Rage Against The Maschine  "Killing In The Name Of"

[04.03.2014]   John Mellencamp  "Jack & Diane"

[03.03.2014]   The Kooks  "Gap"

[02.03.2014]   Ryan Sheridan  "Take It All Back"

[01.03.2014]   Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Dani California"

[28.02.2014]   The Bandgeek Mafia  "With Me Tonight"

[27.02.2014]   The Ataris  "Boys Of Summer"

[26.02.2014]   Crash Test Dummies  "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"

[25.02.2014]   The FitzaFrenic  "Walk Tall"

[24.02.2014]   The Blood Arm  "Do I Have Your Attention"

[23.02.2014]   The Bonnevilles  "The Drag"

[22.02.2014]   The Bonnevilles  "Home"

[21.02.2014]   Jack White & The Peacocks  "Love Interruption"

[20.02.2014]   The Offspring  "The Kids Aren't Alright"

[19.02.2014]   The Pretty Reckless  "Light Me Up"

[18.02.2014]   ZAZ  "Je Veux"

[17.02.2014]   Jamiroquai  "Time Won't Wait"

[16.02.2014]   The Beatles  "Let It Be"

[15.02.2014]   ZAZ  "Les Passants"

[14.02.2014]   The Pigeon Detectives  "I Found Out"

[13.02.2014]   Pink Floyd  "Comfortably Numb"

[12.02.2014]   The Pretty Reckless  "Make Me Wanna Die"

[11.02.2014]   Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Look Around"

[10.02.2014]   Muse  "Panic Station"

[09.02.2014]   Stevie Wonder  "Master Blaster"

[08.02.2014]   Jawbreaker  "Down"

[07.02.2014]   Incubus  "Anna Molly"

[06.02.2014]   Imelda May  "Don't Do Me Now Wrong"

[05.02.2014]   The Stooges  "Passing Cloud"

[04.02.2014]   Eagles Of Death Metal  "Cherry Cola"

[03.02.2014]   Click Click Decker  "An Stadt von"

[02.02.2014]   City And Colour  "Body In A Box"

[01.02.2014]   Chilli & The Baracudas  "Early In The Morning"

[31.01.2014]   Cats On Fire  "Tears In Your Cup"

[30.01.2014]   The Bonnevilles  "Hell"

[29.01.2014]   Felicity Died Laughing  "Heavy Boots"

[28.01.2014]   Foodcoma  "Nachos"

[27.01.2014]   The Bonnevilles  "Good Suits and Fightin' Boots"

[26.01.2014]   Oasis  "Some Might Say"

[25.01.2014]   Dave de Bourg  "Berlin wollte uns nicht"

[24.01.2014]   Loverboy  "You Me At Six"

[23.01.2014]   AC/DC  "Back In Black"

[22.01.2014]   Nirvana  "Aneurysm"

[21.01.2014]   Nirvana  "Son Of A Gun"

[20.01.2014]   Kettcar  "Deiche"

[19.01.2014]   The Beatles  "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

[18.01.2014]   The Verve  "Bitter Sweet Symphony"

[17.01.2014]   Massenger  "Fula Colonense"

[16.01.2014]   Reignwolf  "Are You Satisfied"

[15.01.2014]   Ton Steine Scherben  "Wir müssen hier raus"

[14.01.2014]   Dum Dum Girls  "Rimbaud Eyes"

[13.01.2014]   Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Look Around"

[12.01.2014]   Pontiak  "Left With Lights"

[11.01.2014]   The FitzaFrenic   "Sneaky"

[10.01.2014]   The FitzaFrenic   "Fancy Dress"

[09.01.2014]   Blur   "Charmless Man"

[08.01.2014]   Nape   "Air Of Perfume"

[07.01.2014]   T-Rex   "Get It On"

[06.01.2014]   The Beatles   "Twist And Shout"

[05.01.2014]   Gisbert zu Knyphausen   "Sommertag"

[04.01.2014]   Incubus   "Anna Molly"

[03.01.2014]   Coldplay   "In My Place"

[02.01.2014]   Deep Blue Something   "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

[01.01.2014]   Bruce Springsteen   "Born In The USA"

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